Day 11

This morning awoke just before 6 feeling quite lively …..had had the most weird dream about being at this place trying to organise bus transport for everyone and my mobile phone not working … the bus arrived I don’t know but it did ….maybe it was merely the power of thought or telepathy:D:D:D …..dreams are just weird aren’t they?

I was ushering everyone outside to the transport … they were kind of like a calm muddle of folk with various bags and suitcases ….I had nothing ….was I a travel rep or something? God knows but there seemed to be a rush to leave I don’t know why? ……it looked like abroad was bright and sunny….maybe the Mediterranean ….ANYWAY … we were getting to the bus a few folk were muttering …..saying to each other ….’What about the dog?’

‘What dog?’ said I

It was a weird kind of carry on as none of them spoke directly to me but they muttered and pointed to this HUGE Alsation dog that although quiet had a menacing air about it and was just pacing back and forth at the side of the road ….as I saw it … it just sat and stared at me ….for a brief moment I thought how we could take the dog …but we NEEDED to get on the bus and I just KNEW it would behave wildly if we tried to approach it never mind get it actually on there ….. it ‘felt’ dangerous ….dreams are full of ‘feelings’ and ‘atmospheres’ aren’t they? They have a kind of ‘sense’ about them as much as the visuals:D:D:D

ANYWAY …no’one else seemed to be sensing anything:D:D:D …folk were just stood there not getting on the bus looking back at the dog …. but they weren’t trying to approach it either… fact they weren’t really doing anything:D:D:D…..amongst the group was a man stood staring like the others whilst slowly chewing on a chicken drumstick from a KFC bucket he was carrying ……I whipped the bucket from his hand ….threw it to the dog and said  …… ‘Come On ….lets go ….the dog’ll be fine’  ….. but they just all stood there:D:D:D……they didn’t shout exactly … was weird how calm it all was …they were all open mouthed saying …’You can’t do THAT!!!’

The bus engine was revving ……I was stood on the steps just inside the door ….and it just set off …….I just calmly climbed the steps said hello to the driver as tho going to my seat….and then woke up ……THAT WAS IT!!!?? ……How bizarre is THAT!!!?:D:D:D

So anyway ……the day started off well in real life but as it progressed the muggy head and runny nose started up again ( maybe you’re supposed to take ‘time off’ to do this sort of thing ….oh ….if only:D:D:D

And now I have just been looking at my last post ….I LOVE it …it is utterly mad!!! ….Hmmmmmm think I could have maybe made a physicist if my life had turned out differently:D:D:D

And I could STILL throw my cushion at those women in those irritating ‘detox’ pics …have just been looking at them again and wondering what the images are trying to say about this whole radical detox experience …and in actual fact I reckon it’s the same woman in all the pictures:D:D:D

‘Phase 1 of Detox ….beautiful, vibrant exuding radiant glee if a bit wary of bananas:D:D:D

Phase 2 of Detox …exalting in the mere wallowing of fruit ( minus bananas) and the hair has darkened slightly …hmmm or has she got one out of view? ….ANYWAY:D:D

Phase 3 of Detox … you are now rapturously hallucinating in a clinic setting  ALL fruit and vegetables having been removed to ensure the safety of yourself and others….oh and your hair has darkened further as has the pigment of your skin:D:D:D

Day 21 …CONGRATULATIONS you have reached your destination …you are now an incredibly flexible androgynous being with the substance of watermelon and one protruding spring onion for added interest:D:D:D’

And NOW on thinking of my dream I’m remembering being stuck on the Island of Corfu when all European flights had been suspended due to an ash cloud expelled from a volcano in Iceland a few years back ….THAT was surreal ….I must blog that one maybe …it was the reverse of the dream tho:D:D:D ….everyone was panicking and trying to get off the island ….I just spoke to our airline operator and the hotel owner and we stayed put …I remember sat on the beach watching the boys running in and out of the sea at sunset ….the whole place deserted ….almost like Corfu had gone back in time …no planes in the sky ….no people ….still and quiet ….the ‘5 star luxury accommodation’ becoming ‘home’ to us as well as the owners ( if we had left they would not have got paid as needed people staying for the insurance payout ..all formal ‘role’s were dropped….it was soooooo chilled out …. lovely:):):)  ANYWAY I remember thinking whilst watching the boys play …’If this is it I can’t think of any better place to be than right here right now’  …Hmmmmmm little did I know what was looming on the horizon …ah well ..a good memory that one tho:)

MUST remember to meditate in the morning …..just breeeeeeath…….HALF WAY THERE:D:D:D

Hmmmmmmmmm ……bath and early night for me ….

15 thoughts on “Day 11

  1. What an awesome dream! Always makes the day a little funky, waking from a mad dream. As for detoxing – pah. It is all very well, as long as one can ‘re’-tox very soon after 🙂

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