5 thoughts on “Day 18

    1. Aaaaaaagh!!! Dermott! ….yet AGAIN you are ruining my newly adopted ‘less is more’

      Oh for GOODNESS sake I may as well explain now ………….

      THIS dear Dermott is NOT a cup without a handle!!!! :D:D:D

      It is in fact a Japanese Wabi- Sabi bowl ………the concept and tradition of Wabi- Sabi is about appreciating the beauty of imperfection ….these bowls are handmade …..any flaws or imperfections just add to their overall charm, character and individuality …..such respect is paid to this idea …..that should such a vessel be knocked, chipped or cracked …..instead of discarding and replacing with something pristine …..it is instead repaired with pure gold:):):):):)

      How beautiful is THAT?:):):):):):)


      1. All you had to say was ‘artfully distressed’. There’s a friend of mine, Guggi, who’s an artist who paints bowls. He explained Wabi-Sabi to me. I’m sorry, I was yanking your chain, m’dear.


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