Could anyone advise me on the following please?

  1. Why is it that not all the blogs posts I am following appear either in my email inbox OR reader?
  2. Why some appear in my inbox but NOT my reader?

  3. Why when I click on those in my inbox I can see some of it but am unable to comment or like?

  4. Why if I finally get onto someone’s site I can read in full but often not like or reply?

  5. Why things seem to disappear into the ether ….sometimes popping up later ….sometimes never to be seen again?:D:D:D

I LOVE this ere blogosphere but sometimes haven’t a CLUE what the hell is going on!!!:D:D:D

30 thoughts on “Blogging

    1. It’s just every now and again Simon …am able to comment look now …but wasn’t earlier and that’s on my own site ….it might just be Eric glitch ing every now and again …he is knocking on a bit:D

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    1. :D:D:D Yes I DO follow a lot of sites …they clog up my inbox …I struggle to ration them tho …there are so many good ones out there and I like to follow a good cross section from around the world …’the world at my fingertips’ is an understatement

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  1. There is support page on WordPress.
    You can find more when you google for it. Point 5 may refer to me. I chose to moderate and approve messages first so when you place them they may seem to vanish but the other person needs to approve it first before the message shows. I find that good because that can sometimes prevent showing unwanted or off topic comments which I don’t really want. I hope this helps you out a bit. Cheers 🙂

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    1. Poetpas my reply to you has just popped up under Dermott …see …SEE it’s all getting confusing ALREADY!!! ….think I need to go make a brew …glad you liked my ‘Venuzuela’ post ….if you’ve anything to add please do …I just tend to rant about this stuff without much really to back up why I think what I think


      1. I guess your just conscious about what goes on in the world which is a good thing in itself as it shows empathy and compassion. Yet we can’t save the world. Shit will always happen and regretfully we don’t have control over it. I’ve been there at demonstrations protesting against all wrong. I still care but also realised that at the age of 51 I think it’s important to also enjoy life and have a bit of fun. There, that’s my rant LOL 😝

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  2. Absolutely no answer to your quandary, as you might’ve guessed. I will say when I ‘follow’ someone, I hit the ‘follow’ button that comes up on their site if you’re scrolling upwards. It appears as a ‘pop up’ in the bottom right hand corner. For these, then, I get both email notices and they appear in that lil ol’ square in the top right corner that tells you there are likes, followers or comments on your site. You can then view these and respond to each comment, as it appears.

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  3. Oh I see …so if my replies disappear into the ether completely it might mean I am being censored:D:D:D
    And are you saying you can just google WordPress questions or blogging questions in general?
    I must admit I am a bit lazy …I understand there’s allsorts you can do to improve your blogging technique etc but mostly I have the attitude ‘Ahh well …it’ll work if it works and if not sod it’ ….hmmmm it’s maybe why I’m where I am today:D:D
    Thanks for your advice tho:)


  4. You see …YOU SEE …it’s all gone pearshaped AGAIN!!! ….that reply was to Poetpas but has popped up for Dermott who just appeared from NOWHERE!!!
    And yes …yes I know that about the little box that appears on the right of sites and you click to follow …but I then have a problem with my inbox and what appears or doesn’t.
    I am wondering if it’s my ‘tech’


  5. Haha, you’re such an adorable chaotic. Yes READ! GOOGLE! Lol!
    I don’t censor really, just had some weird comments over time soooo. 🙊🙈🙊


    1. Oh bloody hell …everyone says that apart from my last boss who was trying to get me fired ….I want to move to my smooth and sophisticated ‘Halcyon’ site at some point but somehow I don’t think it’s going to happen:D:D:D
      And what’s with the little bear …or monkey …what’s he DOING for gods sake:D:D


  6. I think you’re getting the emoji treatment. How come your name has changed from Fijay to camfio? When you ‘respond’ make sure you respond to the specific comment that’s been made. And you think you’re having problems, I was responding to a comment on one of my posts, tonight, when the comment disappeared. Gone. Zilch. Nada.

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    1. :D:D:D:D …I have NO idea WHAT is going on Dermott …it’s a mad world and an even madder but MUCH more hilarious blogosphere …and I am supposed to be asleep now but my brain has gone BHAM:D:D:D …trying again tho now as its a work night …would appreciate your opinion of my Venezuela post if you get chance …Goodnight Dermott …have a good one tomoz:)

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