What IS happening in Venezuela?

Ok …am having to do a post on this as my site seems to be sticking and blocking again and am struggling to ‘reply’

SO ….these are my own thoughts written in my own way …I accept I am not particularly ‘educated’ ….no in depth analysis …my god I can barely spell BUT in short …

It’s a case of FULL societal collapse!!!


Due to hyperinflation ….false economy ……and corruption

‘Oh ….that’s ok then ‘ ….I hear you cry ….’Those bloody commie Latin American countries ….they’re bloody clueless ….it’s to be expected’


WELL folks ….we ALL know the battle between socialism and capitalism that dogged the last century and how Latin America was well and truly shafted by the US …..one could even argue that the pull out of countries (largely the US) trading in recent years ….causing a collapse in export of goods IS the primary cause …..I mean to say it’s interesting how well some of these countries seemed to be doing …pulling themselves out of the mire a few years ago …I mean look at Brazil under President DeSilva a man of integrity and passion and YES a socialist ….but ANYWAY I digress

BUT ….lets just focus on Venuzuela for now ….SO …with this sudden inability to export …it comes to light that the government and banks have been massaging the figures ….making it up ….corruption ….the banks crash …..ring any bells?

Yep it could happen here too …it could happen ANYWHERE …even the mighty US ….BECAUSE it’s just a house of cards ….the whole ‘monetary system’ is just a house of cards ….banks and trading is just figures ….numbers ….who sets the ‘value’? …..and how is Veuzuala dealing with this? …..WELL it seems to me that President Mudro is racing around going lets put this …this ….and THIS under government control and we’ll charge a FORTUNE for it to shore up our monetry system …..it seems that he and his ilk don’t give a shit about ordinary people unless they are OK …..ring any bells again? ….or is he HAVING to do this in some kind of panic to shore things up ….who owns the banks ANYWAY?

But regardless ….They’ve brought in the military ….there’s a TOTAL clamp down on any form of discontent ….folk are being rounded up and thrown into jail left, right and centre ….University students who have lost their means of education attempted a protest but were silenced and there is now a TOTAL communication embargo ….no journalists allowed in or out ….no one allowed to use the Internet ….no one able to leave the country ….no imports or exports ….no food …..and because of increased scarcity of the essentials …a further increase of crime and corruption ….TOTAL MELTDOWN!!!

It is very …VERY sad!

This was the country a few years ago that was taking the ‘classical music’ scene by storm with its El Systema youth music scheme ….EXPLODING onto the world stage with their energy and passion

I would imagine it’s VERY hard to hold onto the music when you have no food and water but I hope they can somehow

It breaks my heart …but then again I am ridiculous ….it’s pointless having heartbreak for something you can do nothing about

One thing I DO believe tho …is that the world is crying out for a new way of doing things …there IS enough to go around if we think Globally …..we have to think of it as a big blue ball which is EVERYONES responsibility …..the only hope I hang onto is that a lot of the worlds ‘educated’ young people KNOW that ….there’s some VERY savvy kids out there …AND in MOST cases they have access to the Internet …can learn from each other and what’s going on in the world …AND I am pretty sure that they know …to quote one of my favorite women whose life was cut tragically short right here recently  ‘We have more in common than that which divides us’

And so endeth my righteous rant

Any comments or opinions more than welcome

I would LOVE one from someone in Venuzuela but somehow I doubt very much that will happen:(


11 thoughts on “What IS happening in Venezuela?

  1. I had to wait a while before some facility to comment appeared. Meanwhile your blog switched me from the one I was looking at to the one about your blogging difficulties, unasked. First, Hugo Chavez died two years ago. Second, I can’t help you on this as I haven’t been keeping upto date on Venezuela. However, it would not surprise me to learn there have some underhand activities going on to undermine the stability of Venezuela, one of South America’s richest countries in oil, gas and minerals. That was certainly going on during Chavez’s presidency and, while he was no angel, he did bring Venezuela down an independent, socialist driven, track that was like a red rag to its powerful north American neighbours. And you know what their record is in destabilising socialist leaning South American countries. If you don’t, check out Chile or Bolivia or Columbia or Argentina.

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      1. :D:D:D WP was just BONKERS last night wasn’t it? ……Phew ….am chilling tonight …bloody knackered …might have a little read tho later:)


    1. Thanks Dermott …My God …THATS a gross faux pas …Hugo Chavez is DEAD!!!?? ….that is typical of me sometimes ….although slightly different …I thought David Attenborough had died the other week …..whose the current President then? …..Hmmmmm need to Google ….much reading to do Dermott ….it’s no good just going BLAAAAAA based on a gut reaction is it?
      Need to check the details first ….thanks for taking the time to read tho ….much appreciated:)


      1. Chavez died in 2013. You can’t be expected to keep up with everything. I tend to get obsessed with happenings in Gaza. I had a chance to have a look around your site. I read your piece on ‘colour.’ We have that in common, mixed marriage, although I have daughters, not sons and their mother lives alone in France now.

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        1. Yes I’ve seen it Dermott …it’s a lovely pic ….they look like gorgeous kids ….I bet the girls don’t half fuss you and try to keep you in line:D:D:D


          1. They have their own lives but they do try to check up on me. Last week one of them tried to get me to intervene in a row she was having with her ex boyfriend and the father of her son. I told her, forget it. You’re on yer own kid, but I’ll be here to pick up the bits, later


  2. I have a comment, and I could have an opinion or two but I’m working on detaching from basically all of it, back to basics for me. I will observe the world scene, like the fool on the hill. Around here, there are a lot of needs, and a lot of people who are struggling with their daily problems. I’m looking for them and listening to them, grabbing some tools, some spare cash, whatever, and giving them a hand. Good enough. Every neighbourhood has those who have and those who have less. I just want to be sure I don’t have more, or too much while others on the street are living in fear of losing a home, or transportation, or something vital to their place in the community. I want to be there for them, if they wan my help. Drumpf and Killary can lead “America” merrily on its road to hell – they’ve been on that road at least since their civil war and they should be allowed to reach their self-destructive goal without undue interference. In my opinion, the sooner the better – for everybody else.

    As for those glitches on WP, that’s all part of the chaos game. I just roll with the punches. When a blog says, “That post not found” I just wait until the next day and it usually shows up. For me WP isn’t a matter of life and death, just a bunch of people talking. It’s not that serious after all. If WP shut down tomorrow and all that stuff disappeared, how many people would die because of it? Something else would take its place, the “stuff” would be rounded up and re-posted and the squirrel cage would start squeaking again as the squirrels all lined up to be the first in the race. And now… a smile! 🙂 Be good, Fijay, be good to yourself.

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  3. Awww ShaTara Thankyou for such a thoughtful reply …yes I guess we can only do our best where we find we are ….otherwise our energy can get completely sapped ….so yes …it’s important first and foremost to take care of ( or be good to) ourselves 🙂
    And yes ….at the end of the day WordPress …..like any other form of media …should be taken with a pinch of salt …and like ALL media we should ALWAYS read between the lines …..it’s impermanent ….which is a bit of a shame as I had hoped one day my boys might want to read my blog …look back on it .but in truth for that …it’s probably best to keep the old fashioned diary/journal 🙂

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