Ground 0

When beaten …broken ….’self’ all gone that’s when you really ‘be’
When cash is god and you have none you get the chance to see

When you’ve let go of all that’s passed that’s when at last your free

12 thoughts on “Ground 0

      1. Still laughing ShaTara waiting for my ‘debrief’ …..just realised …..if you get chance ShaTara check out one of my very early posts ‘The Crush’:D:D:D
        Oh my GOD!!! …..I clearly couldn’t help it!!! :D:D:D
        And now I’m deleting all these …I hope you get them tho I think they’ll make you laugh


          1. Oh ShaTara …I laughed all the way into my ‘debrief’ ….I was writing about the ‘Corbyn’ effect …and how I had gone into work one day and declared an almighty crush …only to be screamed at by all my younger colleagues …female AND male who felt the same and had been joining the Labour Party in their DROVES

            Thing is it started to develop into a REAL crush ….I was worried I was developing some kind of weird penchant for slightly scruffy old men in hats so to counteract it I googled ‘Brad Pitt’ …..I’ve never really been ‘into’ celebrity ShaTara but did have a bit of a thing for Brad Pitt at one time …well c’mon …you’ve seen Thelma&Louise right?:D:D:D

            ShaTara …if you can’t find the post …which I think you would LOVE …just Google ‘Brad Pitt 2015’ …and see what you see ….Oh My God!!! ….it’s RIDICULOUS:D:D:D


  1. Thankyou for your reply ShaTara … wasn’t WordPress who took the post down tho ….I rattled it all off then thought better of it ….having a debrief this morning from my boss ( the one I have at the moment is lovely the one prior was a total twat who was trying to get me fired) feel OK ….but this morning wondering if I’ve been in the job too long. Would prefer the next phase of my life to be a little more peaceful …I just want peace really not adventure as such these days :D:D:D
    Got to look after my own health too afterall 🙂

    I’m going to take this reply down too in a little while …they’ll both be still around for me to read back on.

    One day I might write more about my work life ….need some distance from it first tho ….and think it would probably be wise to make it a work of fiction ….there are stories and events that need to be written that folk wouldn’t believe:D:D:D


    1. Reads to me here like your political reality resembles N. Korea or Saudi Arabia more than the England I used to be familiar with. What in hell is happening there?


      1. Depends where you live on this little Island I guess ShaTara …for folks living in Hampshire say …everything is probably hunky dory ….apart from things they hear on the news ….we used to have a pretty good ‘public sector’ here tho …not any more …cut RIGHT back …probably more akin to ‘welfare’ in the states ….we’ve got food banks …the down right immoral 0 hrs contracts for people in work …housing costs so high no’one can afford them …young people are having their means of higher education taken ….HUGE divisions between those that have and have not.

        We’ll just have to see how it all pans out tho I guess ….I note the Bank of England cut interest rates today …hmmmmm

        Thing is …in areas like this we got a lot of funding for community projects and ‘development’ thro European funds ….like Scotland the north of England has ALWAYS been neglected by Westminster

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