Quite a week

Indeed it has been ……posted last night but thought better of it and took it down

Will THIS make us all feel safer?

Uk news this week that thousands of armed police  …that’s Met police …..remember the miners strike? ….anyway thousands are being commissioned to patrol the streets apparantly….starting with London ….in a bid to ‘combat terror’ …..they just DON’T ‘get ‘it do they?


An interesting chat with my boss tho today ….a locally born and brought up kid who has come back ……interestingly we BOTH love J.C ( Jeremy Corbyn) and believe the issue is that the press and others into the old ways of working ….even his own party just don’t ‘get’ him ….he is just as he is …..no he is NOT some charismatic monied media puppet ….he’s a man of principle who KNOWS he’s far from perfect ….he believes in the ‘democratic’ process and ‘collaboration’ NOT ‘top down’ where possible ( he’s a LOT of folk out to get him at the moment tho)……EVERYONE has a potential contribution to make and if allowed to flow …between them will have the solutions …. we are ALL potential ‘leaders’ with different knowledge,skills and experiences to offer ….  and there IS enough to go round ….there REMAINS a groundswell at grass roots level that continues to take EVERYONE by suprise …..BUT the reaction to that? AND the effect it is having on division, stress  and paranoia within communities?

Phew!!! …..Just want a bit of peace really don’t you?

Aaaaah well ……….life eh?
Guess it’s that ole ………………….

It’s just spinning a bit at the moment and who knows WHERE it will settle:D:D:D

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