Venezuela update

Have just recieved an e’mail from my ‘bus buddy’ who I am ACTUALLY encouraging to start a blog himself as his mind is AMAZING!:)

ANYWAY …he has been reading my humble little offering and sent a link to a video ….which led me to watch another … I don’t know when this was filmed BUT if you watch it in its entirety it gives a full explanation of what is going down in Venezuela ….how it happened ….how it is being maintained ….and WHAT can be done ….it’s a very simple thing …and who knows if it would lead anywhere BUT I don’t know about you ……I find the whole carry on very sad indeed …and those young people …(like the student protests in China ….and the Arab Spring)  ….are SO brave AND hungry for positive ‘change’ GLOBALLY

At LEAST we should be able to give them respect enough to watch the film ….be aware at least ….. we’re ALL just inhabitants of this big blue ball ….and there IS a knock on effect

ANYWAY …..if your interested click the link below

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