Now I don’t mean to be glib. As I said before we need to have awareness of what is going in the world …….it DOES have a knock on effect. It is therefore helpful to be mindful of cultural shifts and how they effect us locally and/or personally.

Global….Societal …Cultural ….Individual        ‘Get’ it?

So today I am going to look at technology seeing as we are living through  this ere technological revolution WHICH amazing tho it is ….like anything else has its pluses and minuses.

Now I don’t know about you ….but apart from food and when the kids INSIST on going to the mall ……I do most of my shopping on line ….books ….gifts ….you  name it really it’s just so quick and easy isn’t it? ……and I’m afraid to say my behaviour is akin to a moaning , groaning, heal dragging toddler when dragged round a shopping mall ….there is DEFINATELY a case of role reversal if/when I go shopping with the boys:D:D:D……even my ex husband used to comment on it as he LOVED shopping at any available opportunity ….browsing around ….trying on this and that whilst I sat outside changing rooms staring at the ceiling slouched and yawning …and you should have seen his toiletries??? ……..yep a full blown ‘metrosexual’ ( and proud)but I digress:D:D:D

Where was I? …….oh yes …..on line shopping …..SO ….the other week I had ordered a couple of gifts for my sons upcoming birthday ….and began recieving the customary cards through my letterbox that say your parcel is down at the post office for you to sign and collect ( I am NEVER in ……not during a working weekday anyway ….is anyone?)

It’s usually no sweat tho …BUT this week I got a card from a company I had NEVER HEARD OF and had to collect from THEIR collection office ….no details of WHERE this place was ….just a phone number …..WELL what a wild goose chase it proved to be ……the damned collection point was the other side of the county ……..Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!    I like to expend as little time and energy as possible on shopping and THIS was like some kind of bloody QUEST!!! …….Oh yes I completed it …….eventually ……sadly not rewarded by the holy grail but instead a set of headphones!!!

However, all this chasing about for parcels may soon become a thing of the past …..oh yes ….I understand the mighty Amazon ( that’s company not rainforest) is SERIOUSLY toying with the idea of making deliveries by drone to avoid all this shenanigans AND save THEM money of course.

Oh THANKYOU mighty Amazon ( no I’m not praying to the rainforest …..hmmmmm although actually that may be no bad thing:D:D:D) ……..where was I? ……..oh yes ….thanking the company Amazon for coming up with such an ingenious idea ….ARE YOU KIDDING!!!!???

Even if it works ……I mean ….there’s some VERY large parcels sometimes …how big are these drones going to be?

And can you imagine walking down the street …..nay ……sitting relaxing out the back ….the sky abuzz with these things dropping parcels hither and yon like bouncing bombs!!!??

And what about all the folk who work as delivery people? …… …….no jobs ……and the more tech reduces labour ……the less folk there are to shop ……doh!

Am I sounding a little Luddite?

You bet!!! … a degree ….I’m all for technology and it’s advancements ….I mean look at my relationship with Eric?  ……but REALLY these tech wizards need to think thro the consequences of their breakthroughs ….and companies ….. where the hell is your soul? ….and in this case mind as well?

Hmmmmmmm …………I think it’s time to tool up ……..the kids have got some nerf guns(water pistols) in the garage ……..any drones invading MY airspace and I’ll be BRINGING EM DOWN!!!:D:D:D

Hmmmmmm………….and what did we do before all this ANYWAY ….all this online shopping ……soulless cathedrals of consumerism (malls) ………and don’t even get me going on those self service tills

Oh I know …..we had bustling markets ….quirky, individual little shops and maybe the odd department store:)

11 thoughts on “Deliverance

    1. Deliveries tend to be during the working week or on Saturdays sometimes ….they do deliver …but if your not in ….and I’m usually working as are my neighbours … they tend to pop a card through saying where you can collect your parcel
      If it’s a delivery via Royal Mail it’s not a problem ….my regular postman leaves stuff in a secret hiding place in the back garden we agreed.
      If it’s not Royal Mail ….usually they take it to the Royal Mail collection point which is just down the road from here
      Thing is they’ve privatised Royal Mail …and all kinds of other companies are muscling in:)

      And yes …yes …I know arv ….you don’t have to convince me …I’m an Indophile and reckon we’ll all be looking to India soon for solutions to today’s problems … and technology yes …monetry systems and business yes ….democracy yes ….but all framed by yogic principles ….I’m hoping India doesn’t throw the baby out with the bath water in terms of ideology ….somehow I doubt it with Mr Modi in charge
      What are your views on Modi arv?

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      1. Fijay! At the moment they call you before making delivery. in case they pop up without calling beforehand another attempt is made. So pick ups here!
        I’m not sure how India’s past advances are going to work. I feel we are westernized lot! Adopting all complicated and shitty systems of west which are proven failures. Mr modi might have created hype before election but people are yet to see deliverance. things are no better . you see politics is game of sides! Yours or mine???
        I just hope we are able to maintain our culture!!

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        1. That’s a little disappointing about Modi …..but I guess like Obama ….their hands are often tied by the political machine behind them that doesn’t like/want change ……..Obama ended up a little disappointing too ….but I believe he’s essentially a good guy who did his best under the circumstances ….it might be more interesting to see what HE does now he is no longer president
          And as for hanging onto Indian culture …oh I hope so arv ….India has an amazingly rich cultural heritage
          There’s elements of the culture I like here in the UK too …..the quirkiness and bonkers eccentricity for one … We ALL need those yogic principles tho arv to either hang onto in the case of India ….or adopt elsewhere:)

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          1. I can understand your logic for liking India and yoga! Unfortunately the young Indians need to see same value in these. At the moment consumerism is spreading all around, it’s just opposite of the old Indian way of living! I’ll be interested in knowing more about you and your Indian connection although I understand you prefer anonymity. it’s perfectly okay if you don’t wish to. We all have preferences, I understand. 🙂

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            1. I haven’t really got an Indian connection as such arv ….a number of years ago tho I had a very dear friend who was originally from Kolkata … cut a long story short I was getting fed up of my job at the time and looking for something else ( I was much younger and this was in the days where it was a possibility to quit your job …take time out and get another one) ANYWAY my friend was under pressure to return home due to some family issues and as I had ALWAYS wanted to visit India she invited me along …stating it was a win/win situation …the plan being her husband would join her for the latter part of the trip ( he couldn’t get the time off work) and I would go out initially. And although she wanted to return to support her family she said as I was going with her it was an excuse to not get too embroiled in the ‘politics’ and have breaks to ‘sightsee’ a little….and NO there were not many white western ‘sightseers in West Bengal at that time ….think I was more the spectacle of bemusement ……particularly with my northern English accent and everyone else speaking fluent BBC:D:D:D
              I was there for about 3 months in all …..had a FABULOUS time ….people were SO warm and accommodating:):):):):)
              I spent a lot of time sitting on the roof or visiting the Buddhist temple tho ……to respect family time AND give myself a little reprieve from the crazy hustle and bustle of the Kolkata streets:D:D:D
              Later Mausumi’s father a TRUE gentleman came to stay with me ….THAT was equally hilarious …as it was his first trip to the UK ….he came in the depths of winter too:D:D:D ……sadly Dilip since passed away …….and later I gradually lost touch with Mausumi following MY marriage ….we had started to drift tho ….she had moved to another part of the country ….we did back and forth for a while …even in the early stages of my marriage ….sadly Mausumi and my ex did not particularly get on tho ……………………………………
              When I was on Facebook for that short period I tried to find her but couldn’t …my guess is she’s probably a bit like myself when it comes to that sort of thing:(

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              1. Oh! It must be terrible feeling at times, when you want to reach out to her..but can’t! I will suggest you to hang on to FB. It sometimes takes time to find out but it’s still a possibility. If you have address of her may be send her a letter or something!!
                Happy to know about your happy Indian trip. I’m sure it must be nostalgic.
                BTW did you watch Eat, Pray and love movie?

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                1. It is sad arv … it was a very special friendship …yep I might have another go at Facebook at some point
                  Unfortunately all my addresses which were in an old fashioned address book ….along with other stuff which was valuable to me like photographs and artwork …’disappeared’ over the years
                  Funnily enough tho …an old photo dropped out of a book just last year ….Sam picked it up and said …’Who’s this?’
                  I’ll see if I can find it and post it later …’ll die laughing arv :D:D:D
                  There were a couple more in there too ….will see if I can find them:D:D:D

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                  1. I logged out of Fb for more than a year and went back….not to be active participant but to be in touch with people. We can’t avoid current mods of communications even though we may not like them for our own reasons. Ultimately, we end up losing on some aspects. With Fb you can be updated with your contacts and their lives. if you don’t wish, don’t share you life…but keep in touch with your people!

                    will wait for pictures to be uploaded! how old is this picture?

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  1. The introduction of drones by Amazon is only the tip of the iceberg. Soon, they’ll be employed by market research companies to spy on people and then the ‘spying’ facility will be used by governments to gather information on locals, send them fines and monitor their social behaviour. The Drone Zone is coming.


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