India & me

OK ….so I’m a bit of an Indophile …sometimes you just can’t help the ‘crushes’ you have can you? ….I KNOW there is devastating poverty,HUGE divisions between rich and poor,  entrenched social stigma’s and ALL kinds of issues and problems in this country. However, there is something about the ‘soul’ of the place and its people …….or there was the last time I visited:)

Now I have ‘lost’ loads of stuff over the years ……BUT last year Sam picked a book up and a photo dropped out ….and he said ‘Who’s this?’

Well amongst the old faded photo’s below ( there were a few more in the back of the book) is the one he was talking about:D:D:D   Yep ….this was my first trip to India ….West Bengal to be exact ….although had a trip up to Darjeeling and the Hymalayan foothills also whilst there….suffice to say ….despite the countries problems ( every country has them) …..I fell in love with the place 🙂

And NO it wasn’t some kind of ‘spiritual journey’ type visit …it was with my dear friend who was originally from Kolkata ( and at that time Kokata was not really on the tourist map) ……and as I am writing this now I am laughing as memories are coming back …..for a start it was Monsoon season ….perhaps not the BEST time to go …..and all in all it was HILARIOUS ….myself and Maus had a really special friendship … of those friendships where we told each other EXACTLY how it is:D:D:D

I understand India has developed a LOT since I last visited …..and of COURSE I understand that ….modern technology and infrastructure …better healthcare and some kind of safety net for the poor ….but I REALLY hope they don’t throw the baby out with the bath water in terms of the rich cultural heritage based on yogic principles ….get it it right …and this country could be the one that shows the rest of us a different way of doing things ….turn things around in a collaborative way:)

I understand from Indian bloggers that it doesn’t look like this could happen at present …young people are buying into the western model WHOLESALE ….BUT ….I’m ever hopeful….in the West …all things ‘Yoga’ is VERY trendy with young people ….that in itself is funny isn’t it?     Maybe there’s a kind of yin/yan thing going on and it will all balance out in the end:)

ANYWAY ….enjoy the rather faded and rainy looking mish mash of photo’s below …and see if you can spot ‘Wally’:D:D:D

I could actually do a whole blog series on ‘India & Me’ if I got my act together …..a bit like the ‘My family & other animals’ that’s in the back of my head:D:D:D

Maybe one day:)

33 thoughts on “India & me

        1. Erm ….now let me see ….sometimes 3 ….sometimes 10 ….sometimes 21 …….but I don’t think I’ve hit the over 35 mark ……can’t remember really as I stopped counting:D:D:D 😉

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  1. Hey fijay thanks for this post , this is a wonderful one and as I am from North East I felt like a travelling there through your pics and if I am not mistaking the beautiful lady in the saree is you and you look darn beautiful in the saree .. Love you dear and thanks for sharing this heart touching post

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    1. Oh the north east is truly beautiful …..Thankyou so much for your reply …it means a lot …and yes that’s me ….I had donned a sari and my friend was clinging on to her dresses:D:D:D

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            1. Awwwwww ….THANKYOU Jocynt ….I didn’t know it was friendship day …but same to you.
              You never know …one day I might get back out there and we can meet up and have a chill in Darjeeling or something ….that would be LOVELY:):):):):):):)


      1. I usually access the post thru app, but today when I logged in through the desktop I found so many pictures which I didn’t on mobile. so that’s why I wrote I missed on this. To top it off, I didn’t find any comment of mine!! Lol!! I thought having a comment means I have read it!! 😉

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        1. :D:D:D …lol …it’s ok arv …you don’t have to make excuses …I’m only teasing …it WAS your reply to my ‘deliverance’ post that prompted me to seek out the photo’s tho ….and THEN I went a bit bezerk seeing if I could find anything else …I suppose I take FULL responsibility for the going bezerk part:D:D:D

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    1. I think you’ve caused ENOUGH trouble don’t you arv???:D:D:D ….you had me emptying cupboards and ALL sorts last weekend looking for old photo’s and the like ….and NOW you’re asking me to write something about each one ….it’ll take FOREVER:D:D:D

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      1. Haven’t I given you enough reason to clean your cupboards?? See how I’m helping my friend!! Btw I always take liberty to bother my friends. justified???
        No worries… I’ll wait!

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    1. No I haven’t sadly …..India is such a vast and varied country …you could explore it forever ….wish I could ….but have financial constraints and responsibilities now …would not get the time off work or be able to afford the long haul flights particularly for the 3 of us
      Just have to do my exploring thro the Bloggosphere …I guess it’s the next best thing:)


    1. That’s an interesting combination ….ironically I know a couple of folk from Gujarat living here in the UK
      And isn’t Mr Modi from Gujarat also ….as was Mahatma Ghandi if my memory serves me correctly
      And ….hmmmmm ….yep I also agree with your wife …a world tour would be good …a real eye opener …but there is LOADS of interesting places …landscapes …heritage sites etc in India


    1. Thankyou …yep they’re a little old and faded …and no …no plans …it’s all in my head tho …just needs to come tumbling out …and I think BOTH could be little post series …maybe have a little ‘series section’ on my blog or something:)

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    1. It is indeed a beautiful country ….Thankyou for the comment and follow …checked your blog too …interesting posts, am following too and look foreward to reading more


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