Sunday Morning

‘Meeeeerm!!!’ shout from Sam in the bathroom upstairs


‘You know how I was just singing and dancing?’


‘I’ve dropped my pants in the sink’

‘Awwww GOD Sam …it’s laundry day I don’t know if you have anymore’

‘Will you get me the hairdryer?’





6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning

    1. Oh you may mock Mr:D:D:D ……and yes he’s Supersam to me:) …..but you’re quite right he wouldn’t be seen dead in a pair of undies like THIS …number 1 Superman is DC and we ALL know Marvel is FAR superior:D:D:D

      Also he is growing up …Sam has turned into ‘Slick’ something I am not entirely happy about but hey ho:)

      Oooooh but actually …you’ve got my brain cogs whirring …thinking of a sidekick …or maybe the voice of reason and ACTUALLY the main character in a little potential project that is occupying my mind at the moment:D:D:D

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    1. :D:D:D …Oooh ShaTara with your razor sharp wit …I’m not THAT bad a mother …..I don’t think …..maybe we better ask the boy’s therapists that they might see in adulthood tho just to make sure …hmmmmm and its probably not that young people are always wanting to change things just for the sake of it ….it’s about what they are trying to say ….the message behind the lyrics or overall ballad if you like. :D:D:D

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