What IS that?

Been burning the midnight oil working…

It’s been a balmy ( or barmy …take your pick) day

Went outside ….all quiet apart from the church clock in the distance chime 12

A cool breeze ….a beautiful sky ….stars ….a few thin clouds drifting by ….and the moon

The moon is beautiful tonight …surrounded by a halo ….how calming it is gazing at the moon ….if it could see …how much has it seen…..how much more WILL it see as it gazes down with its wise old face

I popped in to get Eric ….to capture it and keep it …sadly Eric with all his sleek beauty has not captured the full sublime spectacle of the sky as is tonight

BUT ….WHAT the hell is that dot to the right?:D:D:D …..I’ve checked the lens is clean and I cannot see that orb as I am actually looking ….I can’t see it with the naked eye ….could it be a cosmic ray?


Need to go to bed 🙂

3 thoughts on “What IS that?

  1. Photographing the moon is nigh on impossible! You have done a better job than most here – but yeah that orb thing is a little weird. I am going to get my hopes up and hope that there isn’t a reasonable explanation 😀

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