What IS it!!!?:D:D:D

Have just zoomed in and it’s not an orb at all ….it looks like a face …how weird is THAT!!!??…maybe it was a cloud …or maybe a very tiny speck of dust on my lens …but it was invisible to the naked eye!!!???

MY GOD!!! …..has the moon got some kind of cheeky little sidekick? ….think I’ll get out there again tonight ….look up to the skies and demand …’show thyself oh cheeky little sidekick …..I’m all for humour but not tricksters ….come forth and show thyself I say’ :D:D:D

Blimey …do you think the neighbours might have me sectioned? ….do you think a few years ago I might have been burned at the stake?:D:D:D

ANYWAY …more bloody admin to catch up on …..just not getting chance to do any in the working day 😦

God …..I’m looking at it again ….it is a bit woooooo wooooooo you have to admit:D:D:D


Can’t stop having a quick look at it …it’s making me laugh …it looks to be sticking it’s tongue out …I reckon it’s that ole ‘dark matter’ taking the piss:D:D:D  I think we’re being mocked by the Universe:D:D:D

Oh ….just you wait THING I’ll be having words with YOU later:D:D:D

RIGHT back to it for an hr:(

52 thoughts on “Bejeeeezus!!!

    1. Yes please do Portergirl …maybe we should both go out at the stroke of midnight …click at the moon with our tablets and DEMAND the little sod shows itself …maybe if we do it in unison it might shock it into thinking …’Buggar …am rumbled now’ ….then come gushing out of the sky at us going ‘BOO!’ ….actually I’d shit myself if that happened truth be known:D:D:D

      RIGHT …I’m avoiding doing boring old admin ….need to crack on:D:D:D

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        1. Ha haa ….think am delerious Dermott …wish I could blame drink or drugs …alas just knackered and developing a habit of midnight ramblings to the moon:D:D:D


    1. You haven’t checked my preceding post have you Dermott …you have no idea what this fuzzy potatoe is all about do you?

      No worries …your at the pub quiz again aren’t you …don’t want the locals giving you strange looks again due to not paying attention:D:D:D


        1. No am not slapping you down Dermott …I need a bit of banter and a laugh …am staying up till midnight despite being knackered …I want to see if the space potatoe reveals itself:D:D:D

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          1. Doh, has everyone developed thin skin today? I didn’t take any offence, just joining in the wind up. This happened earlier today but it was about a serious post. A serious blogger took offence to a comment ~I made and I had to explain to her it was satirical irony. Oh, just got a comment from Jonny at sci-casual regarding my comment about genetic computing. Fun, fun, fun.

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                  1. I have this peculiar bbq that I bought from Lidl, it has a battery operated fan underneath. It creates a lot of heat in a small space so I put together some tandoori skewers of lamb and tried it out, as a tandoori oven by covering it with a ceramic cowl and it worked. Dead chuffed, I was.

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                    1. Your a star Dermott ….messing about …you love your grub don’t you …it looks like it pays off from where I’m sitting too ….food is to enjoy Dermott ….lovely fresh food …a little bit of this …a little bit of that …untill it’s just right ….buggar recipes :D:D:D

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                    1. You can’t see it with the naked eye Dermott …you have to take a picture of the moon and it appears on your picture at the right ….I wonder if it’s a cosmic ray ….apparantly they appear in NASA photo’s as a ball of light …they’re ‘invisible’ and knacker their camera equipment


                    2. No, it’s not a cosmic ray. There are a number of astronomical phenomena happening right now. First Mercury is visible to the naked eye, right about now, although it should be low on the horizon. Jupiter is also visible this month and tomorrow night, the sturgeon moon should be visible. A sturgeon moon only really happens once a year and it is the fullest full moon you can imagine, stays all night etc.

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                    3. Curly locks now I’m dreadlocks your Mum won’t like it …or something :D:D:D

                      I’m too enthralled with the Space Potatoe Dermott …I’m amazed it’s shown itself again …am back out there at midnight …I wonder what the hell it is!!!??


          2. Right I’m going back to look at the moon. Unfortunately, it’s behind the church steeple right now and I’ve got to wait until it comes around the other side. I live in the grounds of an old church and my flat is on the roof of a building so I have a garden that’s overlooked by the church tower

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            1. PERFECT Dermott …at the stroke of midnight take a picture of the moon with your tablet and see if there is a strange orb on your pic that you cannot see with the naked eye ….then shout ‘at the skies ….’ SHOW THYSELF CHEEKY MOON SIDEKICK SPACE POTATOE ….WE KNOW YOU ARE THERE!!!’ …..and hope the neighbours don’t see you :D:D:D


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