4 thoughts on “Comportment Humain

  1. Attempting to make sense of your French here 🙂
    “Ah so, it seems I am back (sour? not a recognized word)… Eric functions again. Where is he? In any case Yes, have gone(?) “Bjorking” again this week.

    I gather “Eric” is the laptop, but what’s “Bjorking”?

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    1. :D:D:D …Ha ha …ShaTara …it’s like my English …I know what I’m saying if no’one else does….and it should be ‘suis’ …I think

      And Bjork is my favorite artist ….I go thro phases where I listen to her music for a few days …it drives the boys mad as they aren’t too keen …they call it ‘Bjorking’ …ie …’Mums Bjorking again’ :D:D:D


    1. :D:D:D …yes arv ….the Icelandic artist Bjork is an acquired taste if you tried to listen …I LOVE her tho …there is ALWAYS a track to fit my mood ….there is something of the soul about her …or maybe I’m an alien too:D:D:D

      I’m in a different …nice laid back mood today …have just posted another piece of music which you might like:)

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