Jingle Bells

Jingle bells

Jingle bells

Jingle all the way

Oh what fun it is to ride on a one horse open sleigh

Think I’m cracking up ……it’s not Christmas is it?:D:D:D …..Hmmmmm have been burning the midnight oil all week  with admin work ….maybe that’s it ….just need a break….or maybe a career change …..or maybe a whole new life chapter …..is there anyone out there who will employ me to lol about in pyjamas Eric in hand?:D:D:D ………maybe I can get a little place overlooking the sea …..or even BUILD one and become a WOOF or Airbnb host …a desert island might be even better ….yep ….I want a bit of peace …..less pressure ….but not tooooo isolated ….cool breezes and a few waves to maintain interest would be nice:D:D:D
Or maybe I’m just  going to turn into a mad old recluse like the woman Sam and myself inadvertantly disturbed last weekend ….maybe I’ll never get washed and have loads of cats ….maybe I’ll be known by the locals as something like ….like ….I don’t know what ….maybe something like ….Ole M/S Fugee Jallope …..or Sister Finnekee Joy:D:D:D


What time is it?

Am  getting fed up of blathering on to Mr sleek,sophisticated, hard faced and temperamental Eric

God ….WHY am I so ridiculous:D:D:D

Anyway …early night and lie in tomorro …HURRAH!!!

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