The mood today :):):):):):)

Well …..started off in a kind of ….hmmmmmm mmmmm mmmmm what shall I do today?sort of mood…

SO many possibilities but can’t really be arsed doing ANY of them:D:D:D

SO ….went and had a leisurely bath instead ….listened to some music ….came back down ….was just about to hmmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmm again ….when my sister came round with my youngest neice :):):):):):) ….it doesn’t happen often …..we’re scattered about a bit as a family ….but if any of us are passing thro each other’s neighbourhoods we’ll call in for a brew and chat …..had an interesting chat with my neice …..bless her she’s only 10 ….changes afoot in her life for the first time ever of  which she’s a little anxious so was asking me lots of questions in the kitchen … took me back to when I was that age :D:D:D … just did my best at allaying her fears 🙂

Hmmmmmmm SO …..I guess this track sums up my mood today …..’Bjorking’ was last week…..currently kind of chilled back and laaaazy ….but thinking …..tomorrow I will DEFINATELY be going out:D:D:D

Click the link if you like ….it’s nice laid back music for a laid back mood

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