Shake Up & Wake Up

SO ……I’m going to be taking a break from blogging for a little while …


Because the ex Journo, Writer, Blogger and short film maker Dermott Hayes that has thus far just annoyed the HELL out of me has taken me by the ‘virtual’ shoulders ….given me a good shake ….and pretty much said ….

STOP being so 1/2 arsed ……get your act together …..and WRITE!!!

So today I am going out with old fashioned note book and pen ( he didn’t recommend this but it’s the way I’m going to do it) to scribble things down  ……whether it’s because someone has said I’m not a TOTAL idiot:D:D:D ….or pointed me in a direction when feeling rudderless …..I don’t know …..but last night my brain went BHAM!! ……couldn’t sleep for plots, storylines and characters whizzing thro my mind:D:D:D …… I’m going to give it a go 🙂

Tra la li :):):):):):)

It’s pouring with rain outside but I have a brolly so don’t really care….and for some reason the tune below is running thro my mind ….I don’t know why ….but hey ho:D:D:D

So Ta’ra for now ….

Have a good one! 🙂

One thought on “Shake Up & Wake Up

  1. Stick ’em up, punk, it’s the fun lovin’ criminals. Glad to see you took your pen in hand and got out there. I used to carry a notebook, now I make notes in my phone. I should get back to the old ways. Got through The Wondergirls, Now it’s just Sr Finekee Joy, the android man and adventures in Jaipur (?) to get through but I’ll think I’ll leave that until morning. You may or not be a Tom Petty fan but this should shake your booty,

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