Tune into Om a DIY job …….then just let the magic happen:)

I KNOW I said I was having a break from blogging and I AM ….but THIS I HAD to post ….got this from my ‘bus buddy’ Rahul late last night ……it was like going to sleep after a warm and snuggly bedtime story as a child :):):):):):)

Rahul is incredibly special ….the work he is doing …the mind he has …his joy and his soul …I am fast viewing him like a ……I was going to say like a kind of third son ……but think I will say younger brother:D:D:D;)

I am ever hopeful ……I reckon we are at the start of a major shift in thinking a REVOLUTION….AMAZING possibility ….but CRUCIALLY the ability to ‘Tune into Om’ and ‘Karma Currency’ to ensure the motivations remain sound:):):):):):)

Oh ….and guess what? ……have just got a mutual ‘follow’ from a young Venuzualan musician who I think has managed to get out …..need to spend some time translating Spanish tho so I can understand


Watch …..Enjoy …..Move in this direction:):):):):):):):)


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