Offline 2…… 


Following the recent sticking and blocking EVERYTHING has gone down…. I suspect its my internet provider.

Thing is…..where I live there are 2 choices if wanting a comprehensive package… TalkTalk or Sky…. 

And in my usual ‘principled’ even if that means ‘shooting yourself in the foot’ way…. I do not like to willingly put my money in Murdochs pocket…. and yeah… yeah I know I’m sure he’s bothered on that one…. BUT it looks like I may have to admit defeat 😦

Thing is there was a major hacking of TalkTalk back in October…. RIGHT when I first started blogging ( See ‘ Hiccup and back on ‘ post) At this time I was assured I had not been affected…. 

However…. in April of this year EVERYTHING crashed…. like now… the hackers even got access to my bank account….YEP… within a 24 hr period THOUSANDS of pounds had gone in and out of my bank account at rapid speed

Apparantly the hackers were using my name to secure MASSIVE loans from various banks etc

Bloody hell!!!!   thought I 

How’d you manage to do THAT!!!????

I would probably struggle to get ANY kind of loan from those institutions…. but somehow they did so there you go

And if you’re out there hackers…. C’mon share the wealth….seen as you used my identity to get it and I struggle to pay the bills

No…No… just joking… all the best to you…. use it wisely… but you HAVE fucked me off and left me feeling used and insecure

SO….as you know… have been blathering on about this ere sticking and blocking…. clogged inbox and the like recently and then….. Monday CRAAAASH!!!!!

Well….. I HAD said I was taking a break from blogging…. feeling knackered with stuff at work etc too…. SO it seems I now have enforced shutdown

And how am I writing this?

On the good old mobile phone… which I dont really like to use as I work to a budget and if I go over the usage on my cheap as chips £10 a month contract…… Whoa… the bill ROCKETS

ANYWAY…. so I’ve been allover the place getting everything sorted….from my local library ( yes we managed to save ours… and had a nice chat with an ex colleague currently working there) to the temple apple to try and wash away Erics sins:D:D:D

Hmmmm…. and it seems its going to take a little while to get things up and running again… up to 2 weeks apparantly

And I’m on bloody leave and the boys are back from France…. the weathers too good for bored games tho ( see post ‘board games’ re the crash at easter)

SO we are heading out and about…. maybe a bit of doodling…seeing what we’ve got still left on the bookshelves and will drag out the old monopoly again

Yep the game of ‘Monopoly’

Pretty apt under the circumstances… I think we’ll invent a new element to the game… the hackers…. pick up a card that says

‘You have been hacked…. give up all your cash and property… go back to the start… and miss a few goes whilst you get your tech sorted and energy rebooted:D:D:D

Blog On!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Offline 2…… 

  1. Wow had no idea you had been thru that much! And still joking about it, better than I would be …
    So can you retrieve the funds that were taken?
    I have had someone take a loan out in my name for a large families complete household of furnishings and fittings. The lender hassled me for ages but I lived in a fully furnished rental with absolutely NO space for such goodies. My credit rating was shot but this was ages ago before it became so common, so no way to resolve it.

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    1. Hi Kate …My IPad is up and running at least now …full wifi not untill between 9 th and 14 th September.
      Sorry to hear about loan taken out in your name.
      No it didn’t affect me financially …I was starting to feel things weren’t right and went to the cash point and saw there was hardly anything in my account so rang the bank who immediately shut everything down as they could see what was happening …they were actually very good …I had to give a statement to the police international fraud investigation team …all the various institutions were informed and I was ok …covered on the banks insurance fortunately.
      My bank account hasn’t been accessed this time fortunately …but all my Wifi, landline went down and when I was speaking on my mobile it kept cutting out …weird

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        1. I think they know EXACTLY what they are doing Kate …they are VERY savvy hackers …using people’s details to apply for and secure maximum loans from all the large bank institutions …all on line …then they transfer it in and out of accounts at rapid speed so it can’t be traces …money laundering …it’s pretty sophisticated stuff …it’s amazing how much info folk can find on us if they want to’s all out there in the cyberworld

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