Unposted letters 1&2

Still have no wifi so using phone which appears to have intermittent connection at the mo…weirdly…as it should have no relation to my general wifi but there you go 

Apparantly its going to be up to 2 weeks before I’m fully up and running again 

So…. the inspiration for the previous 2 posts came from fellow blogger Dermott Hayes  of Postcardfromapigeon.com….. buying a book in a charity shop which he later found had a collage stuck on the inside sleeve signed by someone called Heather.( see his site for more info)

This intrigued me…. I love browsing vintage shops and flea markets…and always wonder about the old photo’s you often see in tins at these places… wondering who the people are and who would throw such photo’s out 

My most treasured possession is an evening bag belonging to my great aunt containing letters between her and my grandmother when they were  young women during WW2 which I have mentioned before…. and some of my favorite items of clothing are from ‘vintage’ stores…I like to wonder who wore them originally…. weird?…. maybe…but again… there you go

You might also remember that the other weekend I found all kinds of bits and pieces…scribbled notes and old photo’s secreted between the pages of books when I cleared my own bookshelves ( see  post ‘Me’)

So….I love this kind of thing and wonder where we will stick these personal little tokens when we no longer have books?… somehow coming across a tin of memory sticks at a future fleamarket doesn’t really sound as tho it would cut the same mustard… but  I guess you never know:D:D:D

So…Dermott suggested I write about it seen as I am attempting to flex my ‘writing’ muscles 

and my posts  letters 1&2 are the result

4 thoughts on “Unposted letters 1&2

    1. It’s how long it takes to swap wifi providers …there’s a 2 week cooling off period when you change contracts apparantly …my iPad seems to be working now tho after turning back to factory settings etc

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