At the cusp…. 

So… here we are at the cusp of something AMAZING

Scientific and engineering  advancements whooooshing ahead with talk in some quarters that there is availabilty of free sustainable energy for all….the ability to actually CREATE water in such abundance that this too could reach even the most drought stricken areas…plus the developments in crop production anf medicines…. BINGO… utopia on planet earth

BUT….and here lies the rub

WHO exactly is going to benefit from all this…where is the fundamental ideology… the motivation driving it all!?

Are we REALLY going to have a world of equity whereby technological advancements have led us to robotics doing all the work and us humans spending our time just swinging in hammocks…tablets in hand with blue skies above?

Are we on the way to becoming android?… Well YES on this last point I would argue… we are already being microchipped…overtly.. like the lone worker device that increasingly large numbers of public sector workers are having to carry… and covertly… thro our smartphones and tablets being tracked, hacked and memories stored in the various e’ clouds

You see from where Im sitting it depends who you are and where you are 

We have recently had the Olympic games in Brazil….. this is a fine example….much talk of not having to walk too far from the Olympic city or the more affluent streets to be in areas run by gangs and druglords

Is this suprising?


Is this peculiar to latin american countries?


I can comment on an estate here in the UK where I used to work ….it was a good few years after the Miners strikes of the 1980’s…. I had just moved back from living and working in inner city london.. and was shocked by the rift between the generations at that time in the particular area… those areas had been reduced to nothing… the pits had been closed without any kind of attempt at engagement with the communities or back up plan…. the miners were made out to be backward thugs and out and out villains at the time

What I found was a very warm… (albeit understandably suspicious of outsiders initially)..

My first morning driving onto the estate I was struck by the children being walked to school predominantly by men… that alone blasts a stereotype out of the water doesn’t it?

It also soon became apparant the HUGE drug problem with the younger people on the estate… Heroin was rife yet unheard of prior to the strikes… and I mean RIFE….there was a whole black market set up around it at that time… in areas like this which were pretty much self contained and away from the larger metropolis areas… if your washing machine broke down you didnt need to go to argos….just see the local dealer…. and how did such vast quantities of Heroin find its way to these pretty remote  places ANYWAY?

Do you see where I’m going with this?

In short its about ‘inclusion’…. whether this be on an individual level… communities…. countries…. 

Systems theory


If you don’t carry ALL with you equatably in ‘development’…. even in this shiney new dawn… you get problems

Too many places… people… cut out… and you get ‘schisms’….. which create ‘chasms’…. and the whole thing riddled with holes falls apart….it is everyones problem…. you can’t pretend difficult issues don’ t exist… have gone away….and its no good blaming the people…. look beneath the veneer to root causes of the difficulties

So…. the CRUCIAL factors .. as we are at this cusp of humanity and the planet at large’s future as I see it … are

What are the motivations?

Where is the accountability and to whom?

Some of us are getting tired of the bullshit and want some honesty and transparancy

I am as excited as the next peron about all these  brilliant minds coming up with all these ideas and solutions

BUT….. here I am in one of the richest countries in the world… which is in fact just a small island.. .I have worked all my life…. yet cannot afford to shop in mainstream supermarkets… live to a very tight budget to ensure bills are paid… ALL hours well beyond those contracted…. and am frustrated as hell at the moment that I only have access to this damned phone with intermittent connection..

This is the UK people…. there are similar areas in the US….and lets not even go there with places like Saudi Arabia, Russia and China…wealthy,powerful nations with similar if not worse divisions

It is NOT some kind of utopia… it is that only selected voices are heard within countries and across the world…and that needs to change

I just hope there is enough folk out there wanting to move in a more positive direction…. STOP PATRONISING US… or even WORSE demonising…we are NOT the idiots you think we are….lets talk the real issues not cute cats in hats…how to look like a clone…  and look what a lovely holiday I’m having bungee jumping with the arubi tribe in bongo bongo

Give em all the information ( honestly) then let the arubi tribe speak for themselves they probably have  something worth listening to too….its a 2 way thing


10 thoughts on “At the cusp…. 

  1. Fijay! What moves me is last few lines. Even though UK may be richest countries the average person struggles to survive and afford basic things. The whole globalisation and capitalist society is centred on few individuals gain. For example iPhone is priced exorbitant and despite that you’re made to feel you are privileged. People behave as if you’re poor if you don’t have one in your hand! You fall in. Truth is that any good mid range smartphone Will give you same experience. That’s the world we live in. You’re made to believe into something. people get worn out. I feel globalization is a big sham!

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    1. It is a Sham …or a Scam arv …’priveleged’ folks with money are fine …but as for the rest of us …I am worse off in real terms today than I was in my 20’s …that’s partly to do with me working in the public sector whereby I have not had a pay rise despite inflation for over 10 years …we no longer have a car lease scheme so have to buy our own and the job is ‘essential car user’ and they cut our petrol allowance to well below what it actually costs.

      And just yesterday I had ‘heated discussions’ with both TalkTalk and Sky re the ending one contract for Wifi and starting another as they have BOTH taken money out of my account and yet I am not recieving a service from either at the moment.

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      1. That’s bad Fijay! Sometimes I just wonder during camping and hiking.. What is greater joy in life? Being able to live worry -free days, enjoying beautiful natural vistas, fresh air or having expensive phones, being able to live in modern cities?
        Given a choice I would love to choose former. I’m unable to pick the choice because it’s a decision thAt affects others too! What do you think?
        Does your job entails moving around?

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        1. Well ….I can see that just hiking and camping IS a great joy in life …completely free with nature if just for a short while:)

          Earlier this year I met a chap who is working with some local people in Peru arv…they live in the rainforest …large parts of which have been bought up by an oil company …a school was set up by this company too …However, the locals apparantly felt ‘sold out’ …so this guy had put his money into buying back some of the land and the school for the villagers …yes they wanted their children to have an ‘education’ …but they are setting up a syllabus more in tune with their lifestyle …the importance of maintaining the Eco system etc yet introducing information technology so the kids grow up with a wider understanding of the world.

          I would have upped sticks and gone out there myself but I have commitments here just now:)

          I tell you what tho arv ….those kids on the film footage I saw looked a lot happier than ours do here …and they were living such a simple lifestyle 🙂

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  2. There’s a time to enjoy, then comes the time to pay: a time of confusion, uncertainty, chaos, troubling trends, rising prices or lack of commodities; conflict, violence, the repression of the police state and finally the revolution. These are historically, generally, the pattern. The “west” due to its ability to use its empires to enslave the planet to its own ends has been, except for two world wars that should have been a serious warning that something was rotten at the core of the capitalist system, has been immune to the troubles it foisted upon Third world countries until now because the System needed fat cat consumers. That would be, for the most part, Europeans, Americans, Canadians, Japanese. Now the chickens are coming home to roost and nothing, absolutely nothing can be done to stop them from roosting: it’s what chickens do at twilight, and the USE (US/European empire, and yes I meant use, as in using) has run out of cheaply exploitable resources and must resort to endless war to continue the old pattern. Most of the sheeple who happily chewed their cud in the past are too dummied down to realize they’re about to be flayed alive and not just fleeced. They want things to go back to the Fifties… They aren’t. As for the glowing reports from “Scientism” – the religion of Dawkins and Co, and Technocracy, those reports hold validity of you eliminate about 90% of what realistically makes up a human society. In other words, they’re as trustworthy as a Sunday morning preacher, a lawyer, banker, politician and everyday con man. There, said ’nuff. Oh, were you looking for someone to cheer up your day? 🙂

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