As I am on a roll…feasting on fermented fruit…and my last post seems to have gone… I think onto my blog

I am just going to mention a rather bizarre but enjoyable film I watched last night called ‘Shine’

I was 1/2 asleep…think it was an Australian movie…. about a gifted child pianist and the relationship with his slightly disturbed, controlling father….

It then follows the kid on his rollercoaster ride into his middle aged years….tragedy….laughter…the gammut of emotions…. a most endearing character and one could say a very good insight into the cause and manifestation of the ‘condition’ known as ‘schizophrenia’ for this particular individual……

I must say… I loved the way that as an adult the lead character was so absent minded.. fractured minded…or just didnt give a damn…  that he often forgot to put his trousers on….causing a mix of shock, horror or amuzed understanding depending on other folks outlook

ANYWAY….if that alone doesn’t get you to watch it I don’t know what will

lt also tells an important story of not jumping to ‘judge’  by initial appearances…the power of ‘relationship’ and is a suprisingly uplifting film which I understand is based on a true story

Call this…a brief film review or recommendation from ‘Blog On!!!!’ if you like :D:D:D

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