Some news today… 

Well actually its the news a couple of days ago but this did not post

BUT…   Did you know that the tiny little circuit boards in mobile phones contain particles of gold?

Yes its true… within that phone you are carrying is a tiny piece of the shiney yellow stuff and techies have found a way to remove it from disused kit…… .reclaiming TONS of the stuff apparantly…but they’re keeping schtum about it…or they were;) :D:D:D

Also….we have  been warned here in west yorkshire to be on the look out for an invasion of angry german wasps……  as not only are they angry but also blind  DRUNK and looking for trouble

I kid you NOT

Apparantly for some reason the Mrs is not letting them into the nest or something…so they have been doing the wasp equivalant of going out on the lash… feasting on fermenting fruit…getting absolutely paralytic…. presumably confused….  and have flown over here looking for a fight :D:D:D

The advice we have been given is…if you see one of these wasps KEEP CALM as they are easily fired up…have a PARTICULARLY nasty sting…and once the trouble kicks off they have a tendency to call their mates round to jump into the furore 

It all soumds a little xenophobic to me…. 

What with old Theresa’s firm Brexit rhetoric and yesterdays announcement that the european council is demanding the mighty apple pay its Irish tax bill…

I’m referring of course to the global company apple and not the fruit to cause the drunk and disorderly behaviour.of insects …hmmmmm….although?……:D:D

ANYWAY…. its caused a RIGHT stir

How DARE a political group of ‘elected’ members demand a multi billion earning company pay its tax bill like the rest of us… its OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!

And so endeth the news for today at Blog On!!!!

Thats if anyone is still looking in as I can’t see a bloody thing!

And if anyone doubts the sincerity of  ‘Blog On!!!’….the source of these news snippets is the BBC so it MUST be true 😉

Is it just me or is the BBC going a little ‘Dads Army’ these days?:D:D:D

What with the ‘News’…the likes of Kirsy Allsop fannying about showing us how to make teabags out of toilet paper then dry them out making bizarre flower garlands to string across the room as decoration….

A competition called ‘The Sewing Bee’…. a hive of dynamism which if you ask me could be made far more intetesting if the drunken wasps came crashing in… 

And lets not even go there with ‘The Great British Bake Off’

 ANOTHER bizarre competition led by a bloke who reminds me of my cousins old action man with silver hair and eagle eyes and a demure, elderly english lady…as they flirt their way  through lots of cakes made by the competitors 

ACTUALLY that sounds like my kind of job…I’m SURE I could eat lots of cakes and flirt with action man…hmmmmm can I do demure tho? :D:D:D

Oh….and the evil enemy of the state that is the NHS Dr’s are at it again!!!

According to the goverment the NHS needs to be a round the clock 7 day week service and the Docs are not thinking of the patients

Erm…Excuse me… but what do you think the NHS has been doing for the last70 years? Running a 3 day bloody week?….and how many hours do you think the junior docs work…I can assure you it is approximately 70 with alternate weekends off if they are lucky

Nice try Theresa…. perhaps you would like to tell the public about the ‘Care Act 2012’….. You know…the act of parliament that did NOT go thro the House of Lords but instead by the VERY rarely used these days ‘royal ascent’… thats do a runner Dave and ole Liz signing off a paper to become ‘LAW’….which abdicates all state responsibility for health and socialcare in the UK…opening the door for profiteers in the affluent areasand leaving the rest to wrack and ruin…


Sounded a bit like an angry wasp there for a minute….thing is I’m not german and contrary to popular belief I am not drunk

Hurrah!…think thats just posted…off out to eat fermented fruit to ensure am in the right mindset for going back to work and getting stuck in!

4 thoughts on “Some news today… 

  1. Anthropocentric climate change…
    GMO’s and German wasps….
    and greed, greed, greed,
    all a’ you need is greed!

    Your rant could be repeated by anyone anywhere on earth today. Certainly your mention of “health care” is a Western phenomenon of corporate greed. This has been obvious and building up since right after WWII – but hey, who paid attention? Those were the calm days before the storm and now the storm has hit, and it’s a doosey, fed by prostituted science and greed of such proportions that people no longer recognize it for what it is and zombie forth sort of hoping that, well, the good times will return, with plenty of resources, profitable wars and military coups in Third Word nations provided by an oppressively healthy Empire backed by its warped militaries; with affordable sports and yes, union wages, well, naturally! Sure, and if my grandma had wheels she’d be a wagon. It was written a long time ago, you reap what you sow. The USE (United States-European) Empire has been systematically raping, looting and murdering the planet for hundreds of years, but as long as the beneficiary denizens of said empire lived in relative comfort few ever asked themselves how it could be that approximately 10% of the population of a world could control and use 90% of its resources. They simply DIDN’T CARE. OK, now it’s their turn, and there is no turning back. I too could make a fortune selling T-shirts that say, “TOLDJA”

    Your system of religion, government and money, Fijay, is finished, as in case closed. It’s now up to individuals to bootstrap new survivalist models for basic survival. The good times, such as they were, flashed up into fire and blood when the USE decided on a policy of genocide against Afghanistan, Iraq and the rest of the Middle East. Millions of innocent victims whose blood was soaked up by the sands, millions more dying today… and where are the protests? The real protests? Is it only “one world” when it’s time for the corrupt Olympics?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. WOWZA ShaTara …that’s a whopping reply ..but yep I get where you are coming from
      I think I’ll just go make some teabags out of toilet paper then dry them out to make weird rose garlands to festoon my living room :D:D:D

      Liked by 1 person

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