At the cusp …….follow up

Ok ….so as I said before …we are at the cusp of something AMAZING with small signs of a shift in thinking from the human ‘be all and end all’ to the acknowledgement that we have perhaps NOT been the cleverest species on this planet AFTERALL:D:D:D …..( I’m sure climate change which is affecting EVERYONE to some degree now and the whole ecosystem no longer needs to be spelled out)

In addition the scientists of the various disciplines and engineers are starting to come up with potential solutions to some of the problems we have created ….such as free sustainable energy that COULD be available to all ….AND the actual ability to CREATE water …which also could be …well should be ….ditto:D:D:D

I reckon most folk are pretty pissed off living and working in this harsh, relentless ‘corporate’ climate too

Many folk have burnt out by the time they reach their mid thirties and there is a waking up to the fact that a slower …more chilled pace of living ….appreciating good quality healthy food and an appreciation of green spaces and getting our hands dirty is good for the soul our physical/ mental health and the planet generally ….and I don’t mean totally dropping out and whittling spoons …we ALL like our tech afterall:D:D:D …it’s also good to be practical, creative and continually learning

So maybe there IS a shift in culture STARTING to happen  ……certainly more ‘enlightened’ organisations seem to recognise that co’operation, collaboration and flexibility makes for a happier more productive workforce NOT top down dictator style management ….it’s that ‘inclusion’ thing again …folk feeling they have a valuable contribution to make ..maybe mutuals or co’operatives are the way to go …..a recognition of ‘community’ not just ‘ individualism’ and the ‘Me,Me,Me’ culture ….

Maybe there IS a hunger for a whole new radical shift ….a ‘concious capitalism’ if you like based on socialist and environmental principles …encouraging creativity ….and still with individual countries having their democratically elected representatives

BUT … I said before …there’s a bit of a problem:D:D:D ….a sticking point ….a block ….because we have a vast chasm between rich and poor ….both within and between countries ….and not wanting to relinquish any ‘power’ the majority of the Uber rich are as corrupt as HELL …causing ‘areas’ and individual countries to be held to ransom, COMPLETELY undermining any notion of ‘democracy’

In the past we could all plead ignorance but with today’s information technology the current and future generations  CAN be ….SHOULD be much better informed than ANY other preceding it …..if they can JUST scrape away the blather on social media ….cut thro the crap and get to the REAL information ….it’s not THAT easy for sure …but it’s there

An example of which Dermott at has published on his site this week ….they are a series of 3 articles which appeared on the online news site ‘Buzzfeeds’ …which in itself takes some sifting through to sort the wheat from the chaf in terms of its articles BUT Dermott has kindly done that for us here

The articles are about the IBA and ISDS … you know what those initials stand for? ….no? …..neither did I but its all very interesting and makes perfect sense in terms of fitting the jigsaw pieces together  ….or should I say answering the question of what is preventing the jigsaw fitting together  ….at least significantly contributing to the problem…….IBA stands for International Bar Association and  ISDS Investor State Dispute Settlement

The IBA is an association of top notch lawyers who take on work for ‘investors’ or should we say wealthy and powerful corporate organisations such as banks, businesses and the uber rich ….to settle disputes in individual countries who may not be entirely happy with them muscling in and overriding local needs and/or business ….basically buying them off ( which may well have happened with Apple in Ireland) or holding to ransom ( which may have happened in Venuzuala)

Oh ….and it’s NOT an ‘ideology’ thing based on religious grounds as you will see’s purely a …..Money ..Power ..Greed thing …a giant game of Monopoly

ANYWAY …..the above is just my take on things …read for yourself and come to your own conclusions ..although the articles are lengthy they are a very interesting MUST read …(I’m going to do the link as another post ….trust me …this stuff is worth the effort to read thro)

Hmmmm ‘knowledge is power’ as they say …and the more people have it ….educate and inform ….the more open the debate and systems and practices scrutinised to see if they stand up to the scrutiny  ….a very small start but a very necassary one if things are going to be balanced out and move foreward positively …cut thro all the crap and start to tackle the root causes of today’s problems enabling us to help those great young minds around the world make tomorrow AMAZING:):):):):)


12 thoughts on “At the cusp …….follow up

  1. Good article Fijay. You mention the potential and possibilities without overlooking the problems that must be surmounted to get there. And speaking of problems (my specialty: trained problem identifier and solution finder) the people of earth should realize that the “uber rich” as you call them have had it ALL THEIR WAY until now, since the beginning of history, barring a few revolutions they quickly circumvented, and have no way of realizing this cannot go on. In other words, they are totally brainwashed in their sense of entitlement which means “more,” not just maintenance. A rich person never has enough, never can stop accumulating, it’s the very foundation of their game. Also it’s a game that can only be played by sociopathic individuals. They have no conscience and they cannot change their nature. That’s today’s #1 problem, to which can be attached all the great social evils of earth.

    To reverse current trends you’re going to have to forcefully disempower your rich people. You have to take away their major religions, their military forces and their bought-and-paid-for politicians, which means a complete dismantling of the current socio-economic order and replacing it with something entirely new.

    This is what Earthians are so loathe to consider. They believe, despite all evidence to the contrary that they can tinker with the existing status quo and fix it. It isn’t fixable because it’s based entirely on greed. Your ruling elites, wherever your encounter them, be it in religious enterprises, academia, scientific think tanks, governments, banking, and of course the entire business “community” (the corporate world) all require greed as their modus operandi. No greed which translates as exploitation and oppression, no capitalist system. Therefore, as you see, it’s greed that you have to eliminate from the equation, keeping in mind that “greed” isn’t just about money. Greed is whatever oppresses, enslaves, takes and controls to the detriment of others, be it people, flora and fauna, or the planet.

    Point: you can’t just remodel it, you have to dismantle it and create a whole new model for your world to reinvent itself within.


    1. Thankyou ShaTara

      And a solution to your final comment ….how to bring about the change necassary …..the way to that ShaTara …is everyone learn to ‘meditate’ …’tune in to Om’ :D:D:D

      And now ANYONE looking at this will think we are stark raving mad:D:D:D ….BUT even the scientists are proving the benefits of meditation or ‘mindfulness’ now ….it’s all catching on slooooooowly ……It’ll take a few generations …if everything lasts that long …blimey even the Dalai Llama is silenced these days …just treated as a figure to ‘humour’ at best.
      Although I understand old Charlie Boy meets up with him on the sly ( that’s Prince Charles ..he who during the Thatcher era everyone labelled the ‘Mad Royal’ because of his organic farm) and yes …yes …I know HE is part of the ‘elite’ as well …but his organic farm and ‘Princes Trust’ which gives underprivileged kids a leg up financially is pretty good.

      ANYWAY …first thing is information …’informed’ choices ….what kind of world do we want?


      1. I’ve never been a proponent of meditation but the more I hear you mention it, and how you see it working, the more I’m leaning in that direction. It begins to appear as a serious attractor to get the sheeple off the Matrix wheel. Yes, good idea. As for information, unfortunately for information to do any good it needs to enter the questing and challenging mind. We are already floundering in a dearth of information via Internet and Google and of course all the propaganda. What is needed is not more information, I think, but a mind that can exercise discernment and is willing to experiment with each discovery. Going back to the concept of meditation, I think we need to empty the information cup completely, wipe it clean, then use a proper filter before refilling it. My dictionary doesn’t recognize the word “attractor” but it reminds me of a joke. (Warning: this is a Saskatchewan joke!) Paddy O’reilly walked over to the farm next door to see Donald LaPlante about borrowing his plough. He found Donald stripped naked, dancing wildly in front of his tractor while waving his underwear around. “What the hell are you doing?” asks Paddy. “The wife and I are having difficulties with the sex life,” replied Donald, “so I went to see a counsellor. He said I should do something sexy to a tractor…” <<>>

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        1. ShaTara your almost as insane as I :D:D:D
          But yes meditation DOES empty the mind …then over time it makes you more focussed …weirdly …although you wouldn’t be able to tell that from me …constantly living in a muddle …well actually not really as bad as I make out 😉


          1. Yeah, you do like to “show off” your crazy, wild side. I’d just love to meet you – I bet we’d have tons of laughs over a couple of pints… I’m a “nervous energy” sort of body/brain person and a very developed mind, so meditation for me would be like being told to sit still in church – absolute torture. However, I do meditate in the midst of the mental frenzy: I double track my life, always have. One part works and “vibrates” through the awake times. The other is the out there mind that looks rather benignly upon the other; the calm, gentle, quiet aspect that listens more than it speaks, and that analyzes whatever feelings are being received. It’s also the part that travels, remembers past lives, and looks deeply into the future to try to create a path for itself through the maze, following the paths that are most likely to appear given current conditions. And it’s the compassionate aspect that is also female (I am “transgender” but I think you already know that – it still confuses a lot of people who know me in the physical: totally male!) So I have an activity-centered male energy which I use for work, and a very strong if passive female energy I use as my philosopher; my problem-solver and the one I trust to answer the deeper questions since as “Tara” or “Airn” I can avoid being sucked into the patriarchy and all the violence it keeps spewing into the world in order to occupy and amuse the sheeple. So you could say that my meditating self is my female aspect, the over-riding aspect in my life now. Then of course there’s the dream time where I am both male and female in harmony. That is pointing to a far future for the Earthian race.

            I read the Buzzfeed articles. Enough pathos there to make a stone angel shed real tears, Fijay. Thanks for posting though, we need to force ourselves to face the mess we’ve made, or allowed to be made while we were busy living in denial.

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            1. Me and you sitting chillin over a couple of drinks? ….or maybe hitting the town … would be great fun ShaTara. And yes I have a slightly crazy wild side but am introverted by nature ….I have to deal with a range of folk from a range of backgrounds daily …but I recharge by retreating and spending time alone …am quite happy in my own company …I like people but find it draining to be around them ALL the time ….that’s why I stomp off up hills if feeling moody …or wander desolate beaches if feeling mellow and reflective:D:D:D

              And yes ..your a bit of an oddball too ShaTara it has to be said …the distinct masculine and feminine traits do come across in your writing styles …it’s facinating …and both are excellent …I suspect in person the yin/yan are pretty balanced ….maybe one day ShaTara when the boys have grown and I get a windfall will come over there ..get drunk ( which doesn’t take much for me as I don’t drink) and go kayaking ….can you imagine:D:D:D

              And yes those articles were spot on weren’t they …it was Dermott who posted them first tho ….when it comes to ‘real news’ or information which is REALLY important …it takes a bit of time to sift thro the chaf to find the wheat doesn’t it?


              1. Birth sign? Right smack dab in the middle of Libra… what else? 🙂 The balance, the overwhelming sense of justice through empathy and the need to make things work after they’ve been talked about if they need talking about. The reason I’m also a loner (never lonely!) is because the nature of Earthians is to talk up a storm about an issue, elect some leaders, push some willing volunteers to put some motions in motion, then return to the hum-drum and forget all about it until the next meeting. Now if I see something needs to be done, I assess the need against my personal ability to meet it, and if there is a possibility I can do it without relying on anyone else’s input or support, then I go at it. No more groups, collectives, societies, clubs, churches or political parties. Just me and the problem. I’m surprised at how much more I got done since I abandoned the groupie approach to problem solving. That’s a lesson all Earthians need to learn: self-empowerment through compassion.

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                1. LIBRA !!!? ……actually yes I can imagine you are ……and you find you get more done having abandoned the group approach? …well yes ….I can see that too.
                  I must admit when it comes to the line of ‘work’ I’m in ….I rather like being part of a team ….depending on the team of course:D:D … or having someone to bounce frustrations and ideas off at least …..this ‘lone working’ we are doing at present is getting me down a bit ….it doesn’t feel productive OR safe


                  1. Reads like the work you do is quite stressful. When I worked for the Corporation (42.5 years of it) as a service tech it was the same thing. It’s not the work, it’s the conditions we have to work within and the insane rules various levels of management invent that make the work less productive, more controversial. Perhaps, for you, more “oming?” I’m being serious. Something to take your mind off the mindless job and into places/spaces that speak of life. This I know for certain: the spiritual person gradually loses the need to feel safe, knowing that there is no such condition on planet earth. The self-empowered, compassionate, spiritual being creates her own sense of well-being and safety by detaching from the demands and fears of the flesh. “Namaste!”

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              2. Who, me, an oddball? How could anyone ever get that impression… 🙂

                Separating the wheat from the chaff – it’s not too difficult most of the time if one learns the tricks of quick discernment. If I start reading an article of say, 4-5 pp. I know by the third paragraph whether to continue reading, or bail. If I’m still not clear, I jump to the conclusion and that usually says it all. If I am OK with the beginning, and I find the conclusion interesting, then I fill in by reading the body text. If the beginning says what I already know, and if I agree with the conclusion, then I can skip reading the body text since it’s preaching to the converted. So the key is discernment. Whether the information is old, or new, what matters is how it makes one feel. If the writer is being dishonest by exaggeration passed off as facts, that’s when I stop reading. If one has to lie to make a point, there is no point made. I use quite a bit of hyperbole (oh, oh… look out for the big words!) in my own essays but I rely on the reader to discern that it is exaggeration, a kind of political cartoon effect.

                Anyway, here’s to your windfall! But you’ll probably want to spend it oming in Tibet…

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                1. Thanks for the tips on reading with discernment …or picking the wheat from the chaf
                  And Hmmmmmm …….Oming in Tibet ….maybe I’ll call round for you first ShaTara ……..we could do a bit of drunken Kayak’ing to start with then jet across the globe and up a mountain …finally retiring to Jaipur ……good job I’ve already started a penny jar ….you’d better get cracking ShaTara:D:D:D

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