3 thoughts on “http://qz.com/777850/kenya-is-tackling-deforestation-by-planting-a-forest-the-size-of-costa-rica/

  1. Quote: “Kenya this week announced a plan to restore 5.1 million hectares of deforested land, an area that constitutes 9% of the country—roughly the size of Costa Rica.”
    Call me jaded, but just once I’d like to read an article that says, “Kenya this week announced that it’s plan to restore 5.1 million hectares of deforested land is now complete. Now it invites world leaders and interested individuals to come to Kenya and view the results for themselves…”

    The thing about Earthians is, they have these great plans to do something truly good and positive, and they use those ideas to get publicity, to get elected, to screw governments out of tax money to fund questionable, or improbable projects… and everybody is just glowing about the announcement:”Hey, guess what, we’re going to do this!” And everybody sees the announcement and says, “See what Kenya is doing!” And what have they done? Nothing. It’s like the girl who really likes this guy, and all he really wants is sex. He keeps pressuring her and pressuring her, assuring her he fully intends to marry her. So she goes for his downpayment, gets pregnant… and he’s gone without a forwarding address.

    So, Kenya and everybody else, don’t tell me about your great plan to re-forest a bit of the lands you deliberately allowed to be deforested in the first place, tell me you’ve done it, and I can see it for myself. A government, corporate or NGO “plan” is only valid after it’s been completed and the results can be assessed. Otherwise it’s just cheap propaganda and in most cases, blatant misdirection. Signed: “Experienced”

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    1. Yep ShaTara …your right really …it’s like when some company was buying up various buildings in the town here …it was a nightmare …this ‘landlord’ was upping the rents forcing the businesses out …claiming the buildings were going to be restored and some kind of state of the art shopping centre be built ….
      this was just before the 2008 Banking crash ….ANYWAY obviously it didn’t come to light what was happening at first …but the local business owners were complaining one by one that their rents were being increased and they were having to leave …the buildings were just being left to wrack and ruin …our local paper got onto it and it transpired that it was one landlord ….well …one company behind buying up the whole shebang …including ‘listed’ buildings ( that’s buildings of historical significance) ….the council had to battle thro court and even THEN all they could do was buy back the listed buildings …..they have made them secure …but most of the rest of the shops etc are empty ….or charity shops and thrift stores
      It makes me laugh really as …in relation to what you say …there was lots of hype ….town planning pictures ….designs of what the town was going to look like after ‘development’ …..

      Your right …and I know really ….actions speak louder than words …there’s far too ‘talking about’ and not enough actually ‘doing’
      I think I just like to grasp at any positivity that I can:D:D:D
      The dandilions through the cracks in the pavement ShaTara :D:D:D


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