What’s happened to ‘The Panama Papers’?

We want to see them!!!!

We also want to know China …Russia …and Saudi Arabia’s secrets

Open note to Mr Modi …..remember your roots ….keep up your yoga practice ….maintain your shrewd business acumen for dealing with the Sharks …..maintain net neutrality in India …..encourage and develop the young minds …..roll it out:)

6 thoughts on “What’s happened to ‘The Panama Papers’?

    1. I have no idea ….I would like to read them tho wouldn’t you? …go knocking on a few doors …keep it all polite and civil …say ‘Hello my name is Fijay I’ve brought some teabags …would you pop the kettle on? …that would be lovely …lets have a nice cup of tea and a chat’:D:D:D


  1. Mr. Modi… don’t be crude, be shrude… don’t be rude, be shrude… or should that be “shrewd”?

    The last I’ve seen of the Panama Papers, they were floating in the Pacific in a U-Haul moving container. There were a couple of cormorants standing on the box waiting for something to happen, which wasn’t likely.

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    1. :D:D:D …lol …Thankyou for the spell check ShaTara …error corrected …..am suprised Dermott hasn’t had a go ….think he’s given it up as a bad job:D:D:D …and yes …where ARE those papers now? ….I fancy a read and doing a bit of door knocking ….take some teabags with me a la Satish Kumar …knock on the various doors say …
      ‘Ere stick the kettle on …I’ve brought some teabags …lets have a chat and a brew’:D:D:D


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