Weird Weather

For the past hour there has been a weird thunderstorm going on here …..and there is NO sign of it letting up yet

I’m trying to work and thought the street lights were flashing outside at first …..thought …blimey it’s like when the bulb needs changing in those old fashioned strip lights …..I eventually went to the window……it’s torrential rain ……thundering every few seconds and different areas of the sky lighting up 

It’s not fork lightening it’s sheet lightening but INCREDIBLY bright 

Flash here 


Over there 

Back here 

Boom …..Boom …..Boom 

Flash ……Flash …..Flash


As the flash stops here ….it’s there ….there …..there ….no break inbetween … some weird cosmic disco:D:D:D

Normally thunderstorms kind of build up and pass don’t’ they? ……but THIS one at this very moment in time has been going over an hour now and no signs of fading yet …..WEIRD

Off for another look then back to work as this report has to be at the MHA office tomorrow morning:(

The rains stopped now but still the odd clap of thunder and the sky is STILL flickering and flashing ….how long’s that? …..I reckon it must be over 2 hours  ….that’s more like a tropical storm isn’t it? …..hmmmmmm it HAS been very hot today ….the hottest day of the year they reckon and set to be so for the rest of the week ….mid September too ….it’s usually cooling off a bit at this time of year ……ANYWAY having a quick brew …then back to it for the last leg before bed 🙂

12 thoughts on “Weird Weather

      1. Anything can fall out of anything. It is fall after all… but no, that little ditty was something we used to say to the children when they were very small to make them laugh. Farm people, we were, and many animals roamed more or less freely through fields, orchards and yards. But the only animal that actually ran and hid from a thunder storm was our cowardly collie.

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    1. Awww Thankyou ….same to you
      We’re having incredibly hot weather this week here …unusual for this time of year …and I had never seen lightening like that before …WELL I guess this sort of thing is to be expected with climate change …weird weather and all that …hope the storm over there didn’t last too long and you’re having a good week:)

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      1. No author, anonymous

        I’m glad the sky is painted blue,
        And the earth is painted green,
        With such a lot of nice fresh air
        All sandwiched in between.

        I eat my peas with honey.
        I’ve done it all my life.
        It makes the peas taste funny
        But it keeps them on the knife.

        The sausage is a cunning bird
        With feathers long and wavy;
        It swims about the frying pan
        And makes its nest in gravy.

        Awake, arise, pull out your eyes,
        And hear what time of day.
        And when you’ve done, pull out your tongue,
        And see what you can say.

        Get up, get up, you lazy head.
        Get up, you lazy sinner.
        We need those sheets for tablecloths.
        It’s nearly time for dinner.

        The thunder crashed
        The lightning flashed
        And all the world was shaken;
        The little pig
        Curled up his tail
        And ran to save his bacon.

        A horse and a flea and three blind mice
        Sat on a curbstone shooting dice.
        The horse he slipped and fell on the flea.
        The flea said, “Whoops, there’s a horse on me.”

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