Buggar!!!       Where’s it gone???

The post I did last night ……..AGAIN!!! ……..pfffffff …..DISAPPEARED!!!

I thought I was all nicely ‘connected’ again ………maybe it’s due to that storm on Tuesday night ….no wifi or electricity Wednesday but then everything seemed ok again …….and ok ok we live in a 1930’s house that I’m aware needs rewiring ….no ….no …it’s not got the ORIGINAL wiring ……although:D:D:D

But ANYWAY everything was OK on Thursday and last night …..or so I thought …..will see if this one goes and if so try again later ….promised Sam we’d go swimming today as we haven’t been for AGES ……oh the delights of the over chlorinated council pool filled with whooping dive bombing kids:D:D:D ……then the grocery shop …..then the weekend battle with the laundry ……then clean up if I can be arsed ……at least I’ve stopped doing the teen taxi service since Matt got his travel card 

And I SWEAR that kid changes his clothes AT LEAST once a day ….taking the lid off our laundry basket is like releasing some kind of clothing genie …..it all kind of bursts forth …..the HUGE pile of clothing defying the logic of the baskets actual size……it seems to get bigger every week …..keep telling him that our lives don’t revolve around feeding into his own personal fashion parade ….and I’m not even going to mention the difficulty with access to the bathroom ….when you finally DO see a brief window and get in!!!???…..My God!!!!

7 thoughts on “Buggar!!!       Where’s it gone???

  1. 1930’s house? wow! that sounds exciting to me ( I’m sure it wouldn’t be, in your case)

    Let him enjoy few more years, he’ll grow up soon!

    I was just wondering I posted a comment on one of your post but it disappeared or you probably missed on that one….May be it vanished into your spam comments? I don’t know. I made a long comment on your ATOS post! just wondering!!

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    1. At the moment arv …I’ve done that verifying comments thing as I had some odd ones so may be a delay whilst I get around to reading …hopefully nothing will just disappear now I have this all singing all dancing blooming sky fibre optic broadband

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