To be a tadpole

Hu ..Hu..Hu..Hu..Hu..HuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHu ..uuuu..uergHu

UegHu ..UUUUUUUegHu …WHAT’s happening to me?

One minute nicely cocooned in jelly …warm and contented ..then suddenly I’m HERE ..and it’s Hu ..Hu..Hu Hu..aRD WORK!!!

I don’t seem to be getting anywhere  ….

Hu ..Hu ..Hu ..Hu ..Hu ..HuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHuHu ..uuuu..uergHu


Ooooooh I’ve got legs !!!! …..How did THAT happen???

19 thoughts on “To be a tadpole

    1. Yeeeey the wonderful paper bag headed bun is back …..yep …you’re DEFINATELY leaps ahead of me in the humour writing stakes
      This was my attempt at fictional writing ….getting my head into a character different to the familiar bun
      I wonder if I had not called it ‘To be a tadpole’ with added pictures to press home the point it would make any sense at all:D:D:D

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    1. :D:D:D …indeed …Thankyou for your comment Dean ….I was trying to depict noises akin to giving birth or something …just playing around seeing if I could ‘imagine’ ….you know a writer of fiction

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        1. Thankyou kind sir says she taking a bow ….Thankyou for appreciating my first attempt at a fictional character …although why I chose a tadpole I don’t know …thought it would be easier than a human to start with I guess:D:D:D

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  1. I’m not buying it. That’s just you pretending to be a tadpole but doesn’t a tadpole do these things instinctively? Does the tadpole not expect the legs? Is the tadpole hungry? Is it thinking, thank fuck I’m out of that sac, it was a tad overcrowded and didn’t half stink so way hay, swimming about then, right, that’s enough of that, here come the legs, time to hit the swamp

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    1. :D:D:D I’m not too keen on you Hayes …always there with you’re one upmanship
      I have NEVER said I was some kind of literary genius …just flexing some writing muscles ….or maybe never before used loose flesh:D:D:D
      Surely to start with you have to PRETEND to be a tadpole:D:D:D

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      1. Hang on, Fijay, haven’t you read what I’ve written somewhere else? Like, you’re comment about the Sensitive Bull? Don’t take criticism personally. I thought you’re muscle flexing was, er, like a tadpole but then again, how would I know what a tadpole’s like? It was interesting, that huhuhuhugugugublubblub stuff, but you can do better than that. There’s nothing one up man like about giving someone a nudge, is there?

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