An authentic character ….

So …..this weekend I spent in the company of ….fellow blogger/writer …take by the ‘virtual’ shoulders and shaker ….Dermott Hayes …….and it’s been great

Dermott is encouraging me to ‘write’ ….( or trying to :D:D) …take my lifelong journal writing and 1/2 arsed attempt at blogging in a different ….or mor focussed direction ….coming up with ideas and writing in a way I’ve wanted to but maybe not had the confidence really …so I thank him for that

And meeting  in person did not disappoint ….yep here is a guy who has certainly lived a life ….a bit of an old rogue:D:D:D ….yep ….he came to meet me after having been the sole male at a table of 11 glamorous women at a charity lunch:D:D:D

If you’ve seen and read anything of Dermotts …to meet him in person you get EXACTLY what it says on the tin

Annoying tho I found him at first ( and no doubt will again) …he is actually very thoughtful …a gentleman ….an obviously loving father and grandfather …( he HAS to be the coolest grandad around with HIS music collection) …and COOK!!!?? ….my GOD!!! ….Dermott has a cookery blog called ‘Last night I boiled an Egg’ the title of which is misleading in the EXTREME :D:D:D  I urge anyone who likes food to take a look at this blog

So …all in all I have felt spoiled rotten

Meeting on O’Connell Bridge …a quick trip to the pub:D:D:D

Visiting one of Dublins organic food markets ….(feeling a bit of an idiot as it was raining and had to borrow Dermotts Parker …the hood making me feel like Kenny from South Park)…a friend of Dermotts and greengrocer who sliced us up some pear to eat as he told us some daft tale about this woman and her husband in a way only an Irishman could :D:D:D ( Sorry if that sounds like stereotyping but it’s true and meant in a good way)

Food …..Food ….and more food

Spicey scrambled egg and advocado

Stir fried fresh king prawns and Greek salad with some kind of chilli and garlic dressing

Fresh hunks of Hake with green beans and new potatoes ….cooked to perfection AGAIN with JUST the right oil and herb mix …I think this time it was garlic, mint and something else ….GOD!!! ….I HAD to mop up the juices with a thick slice cut from the home baked whole meal loaf ….I don’t think I’ve ever eaten as well in my LIFE:D:D:D ….we’re talking 5 star restaurant status here …..actually …..better than …..SERIOUSLY

I can honestly say it’s been LOVELY visiting Dermott in his little artists Garrett …. because that’s what it is …a peaceful little haven amongst the madness of inner city Dublin with its little roof garden overlooking the churchyard … his writing desk in the corner and his music:):):):)

And I’ve come away with books …goodies …a Bjork boxed set thingy ( in pristine condition …I think D maybe had one listen and thought ‘for fucks sake’!!!:D:D:D) ….and a download which now gives me no excuse not to crack on with my ‘homework’  as it has proper editing features etc

ANYWAY ….thankyou Dermott ….an alternate weekend with a difference …you’re an absolute star 🙂

9 thoughts on “An authentic character ….

  1. The sauce had red onion, garlic, chilli, mint and olive oil and then, there was fresh lemon juice on the salad. Thank you for the compliments, Fijay, it was wonderful to have your company and a pleasure to show you my little corner of the world. Oh, you forgot the baton au chocolat and almond croissant, not to mention the wine and the freshly ground Monsoon Malabar coffee

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    1. :D:D:D …Oh look …Here he is …adding his twopenneth …..and yes yes ok I forgot all that …when one is used to quickly filling up on family bags of revels the food fest of this weekend has been a lot to take in:D:D:D

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