Have we lost ‘intelligence’?

If you look at the links to the 2 posts published previously you will see that one is about Wolves being re introduced to Yellowstone Park in the US and how in a short space of time …with not too many wolves …a great ‘healing’ took place ….the damaged Ecosystem of the nature reserve COMPLETELY restored AND flourishing further.

I’ve ALWAYS thought wolves were misunderstood but special creatures ….something about the ….well I’m not sure what …it’s more than their ‘appearance’ ANYWAY watch the clip ….it PROVES that wolves are tuned into Om ( or have an ‘intelligence’) WAY beyond us humans

The second link is to the blog ‘Rationalising the Universe’ which explains the repeating coil pattern occurring EVERYWHERE really:)

I am following some AMAZING blogs …’Maths by a girl’ is another favorite …this young woman is both VERY clever AND creative …she does detailed pen drawings of the microbiology of the brain which are the most WONDERFUL works of art:)

I honestly believe that there is a HUGE shift in thinking occurring …..a recognition that EVERYTHING is connected ….a systems theory where each part relates with the other kind of in an osmotic way ….the ancients KNEW it and I think it’s very nicely depicted in this …. one of my FAVORITE images ….it’s an aboriginal painting ….it not only depicts the blurring of the internal and external but also the vibrancy and energy which kicks the whole thing off …..’God’ ‘Allah’ ‘Om’ or WHATEVER you want to call it …an ‘intelligence’ higher than ours which you could argue has been lost in ‘development’ ….we are starting to acknowledge it again now tho :):):):)

17 thoughts on “Have we lost ‘intelligence’?

  1. I’m using my iPad at the moment so online navigation is difficult, but I’ll try to have a look at Maths by a Girl later. I suspect, though, that whether it’s by a girl, a boy, a robot or a space alien, I’m not going to understand it.

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    1. Try and find the posts with her drawings on Bun ….even if you don’t fully understand you’ll kind of ‘get’ it ….I mean c’mon do you think I do when they start getting all technical and speaking ‘maths/science ‘ language

      There’s some really clever youngsters out there in the Blogosphere ….scientists and mathematicians with ‘soul’

      And just like your blog ….who needs fiction? ….there’s enough going on in real life ….just depends on perspective:)

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        1. The way YOU view life you’ve got it anyway …..your musings about the ‘everyday’ that the vast majority of us identify with and making us laugh about it all …thats quite a gift in itself so don’t stress :D:D:D

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        2. Bun It’s Mehak at ‘The Quantum Thought’ that does the drawings ….I’ve posted some links if you want to have a look ….It’s amazing that on a microscopic scale we have a kind of universe within our bodies …and the brain seems to firing off little electribal charges like miniscule bolts of lightening left right and centre:)

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