Been thinking…..and I know I’ve said this before… 

Blogging is a wonderful way of getting thoughts…. ideas…. creativity….. out there 

I’ve been a bit blown away by it….but for me personally not sure whether its good or bad

Reading blogs can get a bit addictive….and when I look at my own blog….its a bit… a bit….I don’t know:D:D

It started as some kind of release:D:D

I was GENUINELY shocked anyone looked at it

And for me one of the beauty’s of the bloggoaphere is there are no boundaries…..but the thing is… for me… sometimes thats a negative…I struggle with the etiquette….and I guess… because its just me and my rambling thoughts…it can all come tumbling out…and I reckon it comes across as personal…which it is really….

Not in a Facebook….. Ooooh look what I’m doing kind of way….or maybe it is…. theres some kind of weird intimacy to it tho isnt there?   Or is that just me?

ANYWAY… I’m finding it all a bit weird… not sure if it comes across…but my life is full on (not unlike anyone elses I know)

And I need to FOCUS….its not my time yet to ‘write’ 

Maybe one day when things have eased off…if they ever do

God…. I really want them to

But last night I got an email from the labour party… I’d taken my eye off the ball with stuff going on here…was still reeling from it really

As you know our local MP was murdered….an AMAZING woman whose shoes are going to be IMPOSSIBLE to fill 

So there’s a byelection…the other 3 major parties have taken the decision not to contest it out of respect for Jo…. However there are apparantly 9… yes NINE fringe groups standing!!!!!??

JEEZUS…. I guess it shows the fracture of this community since that bloody daft referendum campaign

ANYWAY….the new labour candidate is not a local woman…and she’s an ex actress… I think???….they’ve rallied the troups so to speak and I reckon she’ll need all the help she can get

Part of me thinks…. I’ m knackered and want a peaceful life…do my job…come home…see to the boys and lol about in pj’s Eric in hand…. but somehow that doesnt seem to be happening….should I just bury my head in the sand?

Stand by?

Run off and find my cushion?

Jack it all in and live in a beach shack with a nice little garden so the boys have an alternative?

Can I add anything more to my current muddling thro by the skin of my teeth?

Am I heading for a breakdown?

Am I having one?…..because things seem to have gotten very weird the last couple of years

You SEE I’m doing it AGAIN.. this post was titled blogging and its become my usuall ill thought out BLAAAAAH…and this on my phone at lunchtime too… sat in my car wolfing down a quick buttie and adding rambling thoughts to my post

Not good is it?

Thats serious blogaddiction

RIGHT…MUST crack on!!!!

13 thoughts on “Blogging

    1. I don’t know whether I am or not arv ….I kind of am …but feel knackered and struggling to keep up with everything…
      I need to,prioritise somehow and that’s what I’m struggling with:)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know it gets bewildering. you’re lucky by not doing social media. that would have got crazy otherwise!
        Try to follow some pattern on blogging. in terms of time etc. will get more organized.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep ……it’s a matter of priority ….and I need to keep my head above water Sha Ta’ra …I’d LOVE to just live in a little beach house chilling out and blogging but alas 🙂


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