Could class ever go away?

I’m sure you’ll find the link to the guardian article previously posted interesting and a pretty good analysis of ‘class’ in British society today

It’s making me reflect on my own situation ….I guess you would say I’m from ‘working class stock’ ….most of my elders worked in the textile industry which was common in West Yorkshire at the time ….there was a LITTLE shuffling about tho ….my maternal great grandparents were from Ireland …great grandfather being killed in an industrial accident ( he worked as a delver in the stone quarries) leaving a widow and 2 daughters who were kind of hidden by relatives who worked ‘in service’ untill they got on their feet …the Mum running a haberdashery market stall and the 2 girls working in a small family run mill ….one of them running the offices when the owner was put in jail:D:D ( He was a conciensous objector to war) ….and the younger girl later going off to marry an offshore fisherman on the east coast of whom I have very fond memories of staying with in the holidays 

Ooooh where did YOU go for your holidays as a kid?


Oh and Staithes too ….and as we got older Dad got a little more adventurous …taking us hiking all over Scotland and holidays being holidays with Dad ..ALWAYS going out in boats ( think he was a fisherman at heart …..or a climber …quite a character my Dad …but I digress)

Oh and HIS Dad ( My Greatgrandfather) was ‘the mystery man’ ….it’s funny what you find out about folk after they pass on isn’t it …grandad was just grandad at the time …but after he died there were no papers ….and when we thought about it …it was a bit odd …as HE had always worked in the mills but my paternal grandmother had been a schoolteacher?…it just doesn’t add up does it?   And YES my brother has tried to find out more …he’s into family trees and the like …I think hoping to find some royal blood or somthing ….alas his searches have come to nothing on both fronts:D:D:D

The mystery man:D:D:D

So where am I going with this?

I don’t know but am rolling with it 

But anyway …yes …some RIGHT characters in my family ( I’ve said before will blog more on this subject at some point)

And yes I agree with a lot of what the guardian article is saying ….one thing for sure was there was a lot of humour around …with the older generation in particular ….was that about fear? ….Hmmmmm ……I don’t know about fear ….but if life is pretty hard you either develop a sense of humour or go under …and if folk take themselves TOO seriously WELL that’s just a joke in itself isn’t it?

Yes …Humour …maybe it’s a ‘cultural’ thing …and one the other classes could do with taking on too:D:D

And yes ….maybe there’s a point in terms of ‘education’ too …but you’ve got to think a little more creatively about ‘education’ ….education for who and for what ….it’s all very well talking about academia …but what if no’one knew how to build a house or farm the land say ….what if all your taps are leaking at home ….you’re not going to call in a University professor or a Banker are you?:D:D:D …..yes we probably need all …learn …keep an open mind … critical …keep the spirit of 3 as I call it …the wonder and why …if it adds up …keep it to build on ….if it doesn’t measure up to scrutiny ….drop it and move on

There’s room for all….it’s about value and inclusion …one is no better or worse than the other …society looks down with scorn at the ‘working class’ STILL ….expects us to be ‘aspirational’ …..but aspiring to what exactly?

There’s material wealth and greed

There’s power and control

But what else …what makes for a successful life

Life is about continual growth and learning whatever class or background you are from …it’s not ALL about the ‘working class’ making the changes …it cuts both ways;)

And that is why I do not like Theresa Mays proposal re the reintroduction of the selective grammar school system. We are in the 21st century and should be aiming for a dynamic, creative and YES academic but YES practical skills too education for all …a broad base education from 5 to 16 THEN specialise in the chosen route depending on aptitude and interest:)

Just adding my twopenneth ….take it or leave it …comments welcome:)

Oh …and if you want my PERSONAL view of ‘identity’ …YES I’m shaped by my upbringing ..but I’ve had a lot of experiences and broadening of horizons as an adult ( I kept being drawn back to West Yorkshire to support my Dad in later years but that’s another story)

Anyway yes …my current ‘identity’ is that on my ‘Halcyon’ site ….I just am …and so are you ….lets cut the crap:D:D:D;)

4 thoughts on “Could class ever go away?

  1. I agree about life being about continual learning. I left school a long time ago but I never stopped liking to find out about things. I’m sure many other people feel the same way. I don’t know much about Teresa May’s plans, but since I know she’s conservative in her views, I’m already suspicious.

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  2. wow that article is long winded to say the least!

    Both major political parties in all our countries are too similar, made up of the privileged. Those not being heard, low-paid workers, pensioners, disadvantaged, etc are fed up. The huge gap between have and have not is too large to contemplate, hence the EU vote, Filipino president and DT are flourishing. The disenchanted are overwhelmed and backlashing by voting in idiots … that author was correct. We do need to work together and become more inclusive … Labour there is similar to Labour here it is no longer representative of workers. They are just a bunch of more entitled consumers not interested in the real persons crisis!

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    1. Well yes Kate ….that’s why folk can’t stand Jeremy Corbyn …because he is trying to do things differently …and both Jo Cox AND Tracey Brabin (Jo’s replacement) were born and brought up in this area …both of what you would call ‘working class’ stock and have extended family here ….yes they both went to our only grammar school …selection based on academic ability ….went off to persue their careers but remained political activists, and then came back as they could see what was happening …so MAYBE there IS change going on …we’ll see …I hope so ….don’t think I can cope with any more despair:)

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