Ha!!! …..seems I am not alone

So ….the post preceding this ( or should I say see link below)  made my day ….YES the NOTEBOOK  is apparantly alive and kicking …the beautiful, tangible paper variety that you can hold in your hand, pop in your pocket and have an organic relationship with that flows and is not going to stick ..block ..or disappear into the ether …

I KNEW it …have ALWAYS loved them, and according to the article they are big with the tech head and creative types …HUZZAH!!!   I MUST tell the boys :D:D:D

There’s somthing about a notebook isn’t there? …and it’s funny how we choose them …at one time I was into the minimalist, japanesey organic paper kind that had that woody paper smell …these days I seem to be going for the opposite extreme …the more luxurious and flamboyant the better:D:D:D

Now we ALL know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover …but in the case of notebooks I feel it’s safe to throw THAT rule STRAGHT out of the window …its no good buying a cheap WH Smith pack of four ….it’s an intimate relationship we have with our notebooks …we have to LOVE it:):):):)……

Now I’ve posted a pic of Eric in his sophisticated SLIGHTLY flamboyant jacket before …(yes I even buy my IPad nice jackets to soften his cold hard edges) ….WELL …get a load of THIS!!!

Yes …it’s my current notebook …GEORGEOUS is’nt it? …it has a smooth, shiney texture like warm chrome …and the pattern and little jewels are in relief….YES …you can close your eyes and feeeeeeel them …and the cover snaps shut with a little magnet …well ..more a gentle little  ‘thunk’ than a ‘snap’ ….it’s very tactile ….BEAUTIFUL:):):):)

Hmmmmmm …if anyone looked inside they would  be a bit disappointed tho …it’s FULL of jottings,arrows and scribbles that only I can decipher:D:D:D

I would LOVE to get comments from any other notebook users out there …see if the activity is indeed flourishing and why …maybe send a pic of your current notebook

Oh dearie me ….have just read this back and am laughing

What a ‘saddo’ am I?:D:D:D

Oh well …maybe there are similar ‘saddo’s’ out there

‘Saddo’s …do not be ashamed …be bold and come forth …share your notebook experience

Come out of the closet and UNITE say I :D:D:D

8 thoughts on “Ha!!! …..seems I am not alone

    1. YES!!! ……actually I might have guessed a paper bag wearing being would be a notebook user and fellow ‘saddo’ …..in actual fact bun …you’re ahead of the game …you wear your love of paper with pride 🙂

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  1. That is one lovely notebook! You can never have too many – the problem is, with the really nice ones I find I don’t want to use them! Like tea towels. I have a whole drawer of tea towels that are ‘too nice to use’. I am a massive loser 🙂

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    1. Ha ha …yes …well …what with yourself and the paper bag headed bun …I think we might be onto something here …it starts with an acknowledgement of the issue:D:D:D
      Hmmmm ….I kind of know what you mean about nice notebooks but I’m a bit the opposite and can’t WAIT to scribble in them :D:D
      ….and as for your tea towel thing …you’re taking it to another level there Portergirl ….I’ll have to ponder that one a while:D:D

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        1. Oh …your Nan sounds great …I’m imagining a tea towel mountain behind a cupboard door which bursts forth on opening:D:D ….and yes can imagine your family are interesting folk indeed:D:D

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          1. She is a legend. A crazy legend, but a legend nonetheless 😀 It is actually a bit like that – she has a whole rack of them, plus a drawer in the kitchen. They are a funny bunch, but they make me look normal 😀

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