6 thoughts on “http://qz.com/799938/an-oxford-university-professor-explains-the-2016-nobel-prize-in-physics-in-laymans-terms/

  1. I’ll tell you what, once you click on that and even after reading that (which was nice, don’t get me wrong), you won’t come out til next week. But I got off at the first bus stop.

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    1. :D:D:D
      To cut a long story short …basically the physicists are taking the microscopic …..you know …teeny tiny …to the next level of teeny tinyness ….and as such are discovering different reactions ….think water turning to ice for example ….but in this case because we are going to ever smaller levels the reactions are hitherto not comprehended …well …not even on our radar …and thus will open up all kinds of possibilities we haven’t thought of yet ….

      At least …that’s my interpretation

      And when Scientists make these ‘breakthrough’ discoveries …well not even discoveries …more a hypothesis in physics terms …..the others in the scientific community all go …’Ooooooh that’s FABULOUS’ and all start buzzing around working out how to prove the theory …or make use of it ….and give the Nobel Prize to the people or individual who has come up with it in the first place

      Think of it like the scientific oscars ….although these guys are real world changers:)

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      1. No, not to say that what you have commented is not worthy or of instructive means, on the contrary but yeah, they explained it well, but once I clicked in there it turned into the rabbit hole, after clarifying, the material just went on as if recruitment for something were the objective, too much extra, so I said my goodbyes all around. But thanks because it is always helpful in the comments to throw in some elucidation. Ciao

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