Handbags at Dawn

Good grief ….the phrase above ALWAYS makes me laugh … it’s a take on that olde English way men used to settle an arguement ….you know

‘YOU sir have offended me’ …chap walks foreward and slaps the offender across the face with his glove

‘I challenge you to a duel ……choose your weapon’ …..usually a pistol in those days:D:D:D

However, here we are talking about the hospitalisation of the current proposed leader ( they’re changing leaders like underwear )of the UKIP party in Britain ….apparantly having a disagreement with another member at a European conference and suggesting they take it outside.

Now here in the north of England if a bloke says to another bloke when having a disagreement  ‘let’s take it outside’  it usually means they are going to have a fight

It is unclear what actually happened ….but Mike Hookham ( who IS a northern bloke) claims there was not a punch, not a slap NOTHING …a mere kerfuffle more like ‘handbags at dawn’ ….the protagonist Steve Wolfe has also now said it was nothing …photographed beaming from his hospital bed NAD ( that’s nothing abnormal detected) it now seems he is no longer in the running for the lead role of UKIP and they’ve had to wheel Nigel Farrage back out:D:D:D

British politics is INSANE just now ……even Tony Blair has been sticking his oar in ….apparantly concerned that there is no ‘middle ground’ the tories lurching further right as  Corbyn introduces today his newly reshuffled left wing shadow cabinet
I can hear the clatter of metal as we speak …..Oh it’s Tony …..he’s donning a suit of shiney armour in preparation for trotting in centre stage to do a little jousting with anyone who will let him :D:D:D

Oh ….and don’t worry …I haven’t forgotton ….my ‘The Power of Pooh’ series will be along in due course :D:D:D

16 thoughts on “Handbags at Dawn

    1. It’s all very entertaining to say the least ….and have you seen the pics of Boris Johnson meeting the Greek prime minister? ….good god!!! ….it all looked so cringingly uncomfortable but Boris!!?? …I can’t help liking him …to see him trying to be serious on the world stage is just ….just ….well hilarious really:D:D:D

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    1. Ha ha YES ….maybe you could waft towards Mr Reeves with a carrier bag saying ……
      ‘YOU sir are nothing but a vagabond and ruffian …unhand that purse forthwith’
      ……..and you never know …the little purse might be so relieved and happy to adorn your arm that you might never have cause to be crankyfaced again:D:D:D

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        1. Oh dear ….didn’t know you wanted to be Badass AND Crankyfaced …maybe the purse is better off left with daft old Mr Reeves if that’s the case:D:D:D


    1. It IS crazy ….I reckon old Steve just didn’t want the position of leader of UKIP and it was some kind of ruse.
      UKIP was solely founded on calling for a referendum in the hopes of getting the UK out of the EU once and for all.
      They got their wish ….my guess is they will soon disband altogether but we’ll see

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