The Power of Pooh

SO here it is …. The second series here at Blog On!!!  ….. this one as the name suggests is about the power of the brown stuff …. it is hoped that should anyone read this little series, they will never view their daily ablutions in the same way again ….or at least the substance of a particular ablute …..yes indeed ….call it a source of contemplation if you will ….a substance to be meditated on:D

Now you’ve heard the label ‘black gold’ for oil ….the substance nations have gone to war over such has been its value ….WELL that is SO old hat ….SO last Millenium …..THE substance that has the potential to have greater value NOW could be labelled ‘brown gold’ and such is its abundance you are ACTUALLY sitting on it!!!

SO ….going back to my post a couple of days ago whereby the British government have yet again overridden public opinion ……..nay …..MORE than that …..overridden the decision of the local authorities in Lancashire to turn down the application for ‘Fracking’ in the area ……and not to be someone ( I hope) that moans and groans without an alternative suggestion HERE IT IS!!!

Forget fossil fuels ….we’ve over pillaged those as it is ….and look at the mess we’ve made of the environment burning them ……no ….no …’s time we stopped all that forthwith and instead turned to …..

Ta DaaaAAH!!!


Indeed pooh can be utilised as fuel in a number of ways ……on a small ‘household’ level it can be dried formed into bricks or pellets to burn in a wood burning stove which could also serve to heat the water and cook.

In some countries animal dung has been used for YEARS ….formed into little patties baked in the sun and later used for cooking or heating

But on a grander scale it can provide fuel for whole villages and towns …..they call it ‘Bio fuel’ see below an illustration of how a biofuel plant works ….NOTHING goes to waste and indeed I understand it is carbon neutral ….it causes no harm to the planet RESULT!!!                 Why oh why in 2016 with all we know about climate change and OTHER ecological problems ….WHY are we giving the go ahead to frackers and NOT encouraging pooh power!!?? ( Or a mix of biofuel ….wind ….wave ….and solar?) If anyone can tell me please feel free to comment ….

We could run vehicles on it too …….How about THIS for a funky little motor?…..

Or if you prefer something a little more flashy and upmarket ……what about THIS? …..


And here in the UK we got our first bus powered by pooh in 2014 ……..think it was in Brighton ……but ANYWAY …..surely it’s possible to create a streamlined public transport network across this little island…….and fuel it thus ….SURELY?


‘Waste not want not’ goes the saying ……….and I reckon there could be something in that.

26 thoughts on “The Power of Pooh

  1. Sounds like the way to go I think. But in answer to your question about tracking basically it’s about being able to generate enough energy as possible to be self reliant and not reliant in volatile Russian and middle eastern oil. That’s it. There is an environmental argument too, but this is the marketing for it.

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    1. Hmmmm …..yes I understand the self reliance thing and there seems to be a push to do that asap BUT surely there is enough crap flying around ……..the UK is merely a small group of islands YES there needs to be some intitial heavy investment in infastructure ….privatisation has just left services fractured which it’s BOUND to when it’s prime aim is profit …I personally believe certain services should be in the public realm such as water, fuel, education, healthcare and transport ….not saying it should be totally free as it needs to fund itself …but not for profit …and these services should be streamlined …a network that runs across the whole country …and the beauty of biofuel plants is that they can be made to feed into the already existing national grid …or at least that’s my understanding. My belief is that these Fracking companies are largely American based multinationals and somehow we are tied in.
      The multi nationals are SO powerful they have governments in their pocket. Look at Apple in Ireland for example.And if they don’t play ball? WELL look at the likes of Venuzuala this is just my interpretation of course ….am always open to be challenged or corrected.

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      1. No u think you’re right, I think energy should be in the control of governments and run not for profit. The realities are complex and are involve political, economic, security and many other issues. This is all very hush hush of course but I think the desires of you and I fall some way down the list. But energy security is a big thing and we now use a hell of a lot of energy in our lives now which isn’t helping.

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          1. Techncally it is, however no one wants wind farms on land and at sea makes them expensive. I hate to say this, but the best way to make enough power for us to keep us going in the future is to go nuclear. That’s a fact, not a preference. Too many of us using too much…

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            1. Nuclear… did you actually write “go nuclear” Simon? OK, first give me a few moments to brush up on Weird Al’s “Christmas at Ground Zero” then pull up my files on the Fukushima disaster, then back some years to Chernobyl. Oh, I forgot, those nuclear plants on the Hudson that are on the verge of meltdown and about to go “nuclear” themselves. Fukushima is in the process of irradiating the Pacific ocean and destroying it as a living ocean… but perhaps it’s not such a bad idea: if enough nuclear power plants burn through – it woudn’t take that many actually since they’re all on some river or sea so their poison can readily spread – we could eliminate a whole bunch of people and other useless critters and solve our power usage problem that way, even our food supply. Here’s my advice for the post nuclear meltdown generation: Stay below ground, the deeper, the better. Don’t breathe, don’t eat, don’t drink and you’ll be just fine. “Mrs. Johnson, your little girl is doing great. She’ll soon learn to adapt to that third leg, and those fingers on her elbows will come in handy when she gets a job as a hotel maid, don’t you worry.” Sorry Simon, but as an ex-environmental leader and peace activist, the concept of “going nuclear” always puts me in a certain mood, like in a really bad case of PMS.

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              1. I’m not saying go nuclear, I hate the concept. What I’m saying is that renewables cannot alone provide our energy needs in the years to come. If we want to abandon fossil fuels then the only clean way of generating the power we need is to use nuclear.
                I’m not saying we should do it – those are the facts. Especially as we now have our environmentally friendly electric cars that will need charging.
                The slightly hidden message I’m actually giving is that we are using too much electricity. Fact. We are not going to stop this. Fact. Renewables cannot supply our energy needs totally now and in the future. Fact.
                So… what do we do?
                Tough one eh?

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                1. Man’s global civilization has been made aware for at least the last fifty years that it had reached its limits to growth. The “news” was basically treated as a joke when was published in 1972…
                  “The 1972 book Limits to Growth, which predicted our civilisation would probably collapse some time this century, has been criticised as doomsday fantasy since it was published. Back in 2002, self-styled environmental expert Bjorn Lomborg consigned it to the “dustbin of history”.

                  It doesn’t belong there. Research from the University of Melbourne has found the book’s forecasts are accurate, 40 years on. If we continue to track in line with the book’s scenario, expect the early stages of global collapse to start appearing soon.

                  Limits to Growth was commissioned by a think tank called the Club of Rome…”

                  There is but one solution to the mess man is in, and that is to shut down “civilization” – all technology, period, and sit back to watch what happens… or die in the aftermath. Man’s going to die anyway, but he’ll fight every step his greed is pushing him lower down the ladder of “progress.” Of course nothing substantial is about to be done, or to happen because that’s not the way man is wired. Man is a violent, rash and thoughtless creature for whom wisdom is a dangerous chimera.

                  So, what am I saying? Looks like I agree with you… 🙂

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      1. You must be knowing that rural areas in India is already using cowdung to create bio -gas /methane to power the cooking stove. Human -dung can be used to power movement of humans 😉

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        1. Yep ….like I said before …it might just be that Indian culture’s time has come …a mix of ‘ancient’ intelligence …yogic if you like …mixed with the modernity of science and technology ….acknowledging problems and using both to correct the imbalance ….a global model for the 21st century perhaps?…but alas what we are seeing at present is a shrinking back …everyone holding onto their own narrow ideology whether religious, political or just plain old greed and narcissism.

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          1. As I said before Fijay…The western influence is transforming India into US..Australia…or whatever. Indian people thik that what west is doing is all good and therefore choosing to board the wrong bus!!
            There are so many foreign people who are traveling across India, choosing ashrams and yoga to take their life on next level… So it’s kind of strong contrast!! you know what I mean??

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            1. Yes I do ….it’s hilarious really …it might all balance out in the end …hopefully ….a kind of adopting of all the best bits and dropping that which is damaging …we’ll see 🙂

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  2. Got to respond to this one. Yes, of course it works. In fact they are now burning waste gas from sewage treatment plants and spewing the fumes into the air – you can see these plumes. They could be funneled into powering civic heating plants, fleets, schools. The idea isn’t new – in the 70’s an English professor(?) engineer ran his car on chicken s**t and predictably got into all kinds of problems with the authorities – and why is that? Because if enough people did it, there’s a bit of freedom found in it. Poo(h) power doesn’t lend itself to centralized control but any fuel that can only be accessed through a multi-national corporation does. It’s all about control, and of course profit. I’ll tell you this: stop supporting wars; stop sending your people to kill and get killed for these corporate monsters-FIRST-then you can begin to concentrate on working on LOCAL solutions to GLOBAL problems. But as long as people believe that wars are necessary; that global trade treaties can be of some benefit to the masses; that horror organizations such as the EU can benefit smaller nations, then the world will continue to move towards its apocalypse. It’s the people’s fault, pure and simple, for swallowing the biggest lies and denigrating their own individual common sense. When “they” have absolute control over the globe, then “they” will use wind, solar, tidal, biomass energy – but it will be on “their” terms, part of global centralized control in the hands of elitist military collectives. They won’t do it to save the environment, they hate nature, but to keep their slaves from dying off.

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    1. Wey hey….great response Shatara…back on form…love your replies 😀 😀 😀
      So from what you’re saying Brexit might be no bad thing if the UK has the guts to say ‘no’ to the multinationals and risk being isolated globally?


      1. Brexit was one of those brilliant moves by ordinary people even they don’t know what they’ve done. Every nation on the planet should be “Brexiting” from every international trade treaty that can only benefit the elites and their globally strangulating corporations. They’re the main reason nothing can be done about anthropocentric climate disruption because under these treaties any nation that refuses to trade with a corporation if the corporation wants to trade is open to devastating lawsuits under international treaty law. Many small Third World nations have tried to break their treaty deals when they discovered how badly they were being abused by corporations, particularly of the oil and mining variety, only to face economic catastrophe. The EU is just another international trade treaty, only they wanted all of it, including one border, and one coin, so independent nations would disappear (except for rugby or whatever your “international” sport is so the idiots can spend their money thinking they’re supporting “their” home team) and the people left with the dragon “Smaug” to deal with. So Brexit is that arrow that found the chink in the elites’ armour. If only the rest of Europe could see their chance now to break out of their collective chains – not for free, but for freedom on the long haul, maybe their Smaug would take his final death plunge in the lake, whether it be the Channel or the Med – I’m not particular as long as the dragon dies. Then all that remains is for President Sauron at the Capitol to disintegrate when his Ring of Power is thrown in the fires of Mount Middle East. Just thinking about it gives me an exceptionally good feeling, today being Thanksgiving day and all that jazz here in Canuck Land. I just need something really big and meaningful to be thankful about, and the collapse of the Evil Empire with “the” Donald tRump at the helm flashing his orangeade as he plummets into hell screaming, “I’m making this country great again!” seems so fitting an image. Well, who knows, maybe he will get elected, and maybe he’ll do what he says and if the rest of the world is really, really lucky, he’ll bring his EE down over his toupee and the people of Syria, Lebanon, Libya and every where the Evil US Empire has military bases and “boots on the ground” can return home, rebuild and hope for some peace. But mark these words well: as long as “globalism” grows with the help of international trade treaties made by elites, for elites, the world will continue to plunge ever deeper into bloodshed of war and genocide, will see the numbers of refugees grow by the millions, will experience massive deaths through wide-spread famines and poisoned waters killing food sources and people and will see every democracy turned into a repressive police state. There, don’t that make you feel a whole lot better now? 🙂

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          1. What? With the recent popularity of the movie, “The Hobbit”? They may be too dumb to get the analogy, but surely the can remember a movie they maxed their American Express card to go and watch in 3-D? 🙂

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