Oi ….. yes YOU big bully Mr T!!!

Hands OFF me breakfast!!! ……unless you’re ready to take it outside of course …and YES I mean it !!! (  says she ducking, weaving and shadow punching boxer style )

Bloody great big overstuffed mighty Tesco saying you won’t stock Marmite OR Hellmans …or ANY Unilever product ….apparantly it’s due to them raising the wholesale price due to the fall in the pound since Brexit….hmmmm yes well I reckon you can stand it Mr T ….your millions in profit …and if you won’t ?

Here’s my message to Unilever ….BUGGER THE BIG FOUR SUPERMARKETS ….this household hasn’t shopped in them for years ANYWAY …they got too greedy and were full of gimmicks and poorly disguised rip offs sometimes known as bogof’s ( buy one get one free et al)……No we packed in shopping in those places LONG ago ….it’s aldi for us ….no just sell direct on Amazon or something

I love my grub and am SICK of my favorites going to wrack and ruin ….the Cadbury’s Creme Egg anyone??? ….hmmmm yes ….do you remember THAT one??? ….sold off to some multinational who has changed the recipe ….shrunk the size …and doesn’t even sell in the 1/2 dozen, preferring packs of four …they’re eggs …EGGS ARE SOLD IN THE 1/2 or FULL DOZEN!!! …..GOOD GRIEF!!!!

And YES the SAME company bought the Terry’s chocolate orange and changed the recipe of THAT!!! ….Christmas ruined!!!

Where’s it all going to end say I

My GOD!!! ….don’t you DARE touch me Lea&Perrins!!!

and who owns Lyles Golden Syrup these days? ….or Birds custard? they’ve ALREADY faffed about with its packaging …tub over tin….what about me treacle pud?

Its not just about the ‘label’ …we’re talking quality product here ..it’s an aesthetic thing too …good solid recycleable packaging …you know …glass jars , tins, foil and paper wrappings….its not good ….NOT GOOD say I !!!!

ps) Just thought ….Aldi’s German …BUGGAR!!!:D:D:D

12 thoughts on “Oi ….. yes YOU big bully Mr T!!!

  1. Someone at work had a Topic the other day and I thought, Christ, I haven’t had a Topic for decades. You never see them in the shops. And the old Creme Eggs were too big to get in your mouth in one go.Not so, the new ones. Still, at least they found a cure for rickets.

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    1. Ha haa yes …’Topic …a hazelnut in every bite ….I remember!’
      and you’re quite right …..no more rickets AND at least you can shove a whole creme egg in your mouth in one go now:D:D:D

      AND I understand there has been a compromise reached between Tesco & Unilever ….so my breakfast is saved …HURRAH!!!

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        1. YES!!! ….what has happened to foil wrappers? ….wrappers are now plasticised and are built to withstand nuclear attack!!! ….you cannot get in the buggars and when you do everything has shrunk:(

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    1. My God Hayes!!! …NOW you tell me …what DOESN’T Monsanto own?
      Who owns what , where, why do they buggar about with recipes? …and …oh I’ve had enough ..stropping off to bed …a long week ahead? ….hope you enjoyed your jollies 🙂 G’night

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            1. Oh God Dermott!!! ….I’m going to have to look at this damned list now ….there’s going to be ALL my favorites in there and I’m going to be all grumpy aren’t I? ….I can just tell ….can feel it in my water …
              Hmmmm it’s going to have to wait till the weekend I’m enjoying my unhealthy, caught on the hop, bar of chocolate lunches this week…will become a proper activist at the weekend …then again it wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t slightly 1/2 arsed about it:D:D:D

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                1. I know you have Dermott …you eat really really well …hmmm and I guess the sweet stuff’s a no no ….am a chocolate addict tho …don’t think I could EVER quit chocolate I’d be as grumpy as HELL without revels …I bet Monbloodysanto own bloody revels don’t they …no ..no …don’t tell me …let me stuff my face for the rest of the week …prepare myself like:(

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