The Power of Pooh 3

So …let’s get back to Blog On’s crap little series shall we? ….where was I? ….Oh yes ….so …we’ve got the fuel and the food sorted …hmmmmm what next can we have in this crap filled world? ……Oooh I know …….we need somewhere to live don’t we? …..I mean for goodness sake we are NOT Neanderthal ….we need buildings ….Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Need and all that ….we haven’t’ even got the basics sorted yet …we need some sort of shelter ….yes I think we’d better have a quick look at shelter next …hmmmmm how the power of pooh can be utilised in building ….yes, yes a sustaining and sustainable substance indeed:D:D:D

Now we all know about wattle and daub don’t we? … we? ….no, no …it is not a firm of solicitors it’s what those cute little thatched cottages everyone thinks are all over England used to be made of …..I might not be 100% correct here, but my understanding is that it’s a mix of pooh, clay or mud and straw ….even if I’m not right, I’m sure you can see where I am heading here ….you know …build a timber frame or something …a woven base for the stuff to cling to ….get a load of crap …animal dung preferably ….mix with clay or mud ….a little water to make a thick plaster and slap it on ….inside and out ….it would be great fun wouldn’t it? ….just imagine sticking your hands in a vat of the stuff ….slapping it on and smoothing it over… would be kind of therapeutic wouldn’t it:D:D:D ….let each layer dry, finishing with a few layers of finer stuff …then decorate to your own taste …hmmmm what with? …..would lime wash do it? … that weatherproof and breathable? ….don’t know but we’re just focussing on the use of pooh for now …the proofing can be looked into later :D:D:D

ANYWAY ….yes this method of building ….or a slight variant has been used for centuries allover the world

Ok ….Ok ….so you might not want to live quite as basic a lifestyle as that …some still do tho …and the buildings are LOVELY to look at you must admit ….they LOOK ‘organic’ don’t they? ..something of the soul about them …beautiful:):):):)

However, don’t panic if it’s all too much to digest:D:D. ….pooh can also be formed into bricks ….or a chipboard type material for more common style building  ….and I’m led to believe it’s a GREAT insulation material ….hmmmmm maybe a bit of mixing and matching could go on when planning and erecting buildings for the 21st century

What do you reckon?

6 thoughts on “The Power of Pooh 3

  1. Yeah, I get it: the more one craps, the bigger the house can be. “Don’t waste that pooh… we need to daub on the new room for the craps table.” Which brings up a really serious question: to play craps you need dice. Are they called “craps” because they’re made of…? or just because most people simply have crappy luck at the game? Now my mind is free wheeling backwards through history. I remember (OK, I don’t remember, but I remember reading about) the Israelites being mistreated by their masters in Egypt. They had to make bricks using mud and straw. What history fails to mention is the condition of the porta-potties, or even if there were any, and if not, did they put their “pooh” in along with the mud… hence the idea that you can indeed build crappy houses? Do you know any Egyptologist who could analyze some of those ancient bricks as to the content of pooh in them? I think history needs to know this, if only out of curiosity. “Crap! exclaimed the king, and there was a great movement throughout the land.”

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    1. Falling about laughing at another ShaTara gem ….and you may notice it all ties in rather nicely with your ‘turd apocalypse’ post …BUT pooh power …well at least in terms of biofuel is indeed not to be sniffed at


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