The Power of Pooh final installment ….

So ….here we are at the end of the series …and in actual fact I NEED to implement its practice in some way:D:D:D ….and maybe more than just in the investment of my next notebook ….I’m thinking of a holistic lifestyle choice SERIOUSLY …I would LOVE to get all creative …wouldn’t it be WONDERFUL to build your own house like that? ….Hmmmmm yes somewhere near the sea would be just PERFECT:):):):)

(I’m loosing it aren’t I? …no no …am not …others are doing it so it’s not as outrageous as it might seem)  ….is there anyone out there who would like to start up a pooh project that I could join maybe? :D:D:D

There’s a book too ….yes indeed there IS!!! ….one of my early posts states it as one of my favorites …it’s called …..Ta DaaAH!!!

Now you may have read it already …it’s quite a popular book …it explains the concept of the ancient Chinese philosophy of Tao through the children’s book character ‘Winnie the Pooh’ ….basically at the time of publication it was making the concept more accessible to a western audience who because of our somewhat toxic lifestyle tended to struggle with it …like Yoga …complex in its simplicity ….simple in its complexity …the art of just ‘be’ ing ….if only we were ‘ALLOWED’ to eh?

ANYWAY …it’s a FABULOUS little book …the sequel being the Te of Piglet …kind of rounding off the yin/yan thing …although the second book is not quite as good if you ask me ….however, once read you can tackle a translation of the authentic texts if you like …it really ISN’T heavy if you enter the spirit of it :):):):):)

OK here’s a few quotes from ‘The Tao of Pooh’ just to get you into the spirit so to speak …

THERE!!! …..are you getting it now?:D:D:D

SO ….there we are ….I’ve kind of condensed this little series from what it first was in the pre blog days:D:D:D ….chopped a bit out and updated a bit too …but ANYWAY I’m sure you ‘get’ the gist ….and WELL DONE!!! if you have actually checked out any of these posts ….I hope you’ve enjoyed them ….got you ‘contemplating’ a little maybe?

What I …and many, many, many others LOVE about the ancient philosophies …the Yoga Sutra’s ( Indian origin) …….The Tao ( Chinese) ….Aboriginal, Native American,African and Pagan too I believe….ANYWAY they strip away all the hype …explain ‘life’for want of a better word in a way that takes it down to its very essence ….’essential’ teachings if you like ….the very ‘fundamentals’ that money CAN’T buy …… don’t NEED a figurehead to ‘hero worship’ or effigies and paraphanalia ….it helps if you have a teacher ….the best ‘teachers’ are practitioners who simply ‘guide’ like my original yoga teacher:):):):):):)…and I am STILL trying to find a replacement ..hmmmm but maybe I’m trying too hard
Anyway …forget Religous effigies, Designer Labels, Celebrity, Politicians, Money all that ‘stuff’ to blindly ‘worship’ ….Ok then don’t if you don’t want to BUT if you want to ‘worship’ anything …hold something in ‘reverence’ it might as well be THIS:D:D:D

… not only does it contain its own little universe of organisms …it can be utilised by man in MANY ways that are totally harmless to the ecosystem, tying it in with BOTH ancient and modern…think the aboriginal painting in a past post which depicts what modern science is starting to PROVE ….AND because we are ALL full of shit ..we HAVE to take a LITTLE time out daily to contemplate and let go …yes it could therefore, be safely said that accessing the power of pooh comes from within :D:D:D 😉

Phew ..that’s better all done and dusted then ..and no I haven’t just been for a Pooh …have been out today marching up hills in the fresh air tho just ‘be’ing LOVELY …have been fed and watered and ….mmmmmmmmm ….ok might go and contemplate now:D:D:D ….and then settle down to read:):):):)

2 thoughts on “The Power of Pooh final installment ….

  1. “Nothing is impossible” was one of the pivotal teachings I got from YLea, one of my “Altarian” Teachers. Of course it means that it’s impossible for there to be nothing. Something, anything, can’t be “nothing” so nothing in this sense becomes another of those mind boggling absolutes… which a cartoon character can actually get away with (because it sounds profound, or sweet, or innocent or… whatever, it’s a cartoon) without coming apart at the seams but a mind being isn’t so lucky. You can narrow it down, chisel away at the mountain of “things” and hope to arrive at nothing… but hey, those chiseled chips will still be all around you. Instead of a mountain, a pile of rubble.
    One could also look at “nothing is impossible” the usual way, the self-help “you-are-god-you-can-do-anything” sort of way.
    This is what I think you’re saying: that is is possible to “return” to the direct connectedness to nature through abandoning civilization completely. Only without any civilizing – all those things we take for granted, or do because there is a law that forces us to – the things you mention – have to go. Pre-lapsarian times, before civilization, there was no right or wrong, no evil. Then we, Homo Sapiens Sapiens, came along. We came with civilization. What are we? Freaks: that’s what Earthians are, mutants, artificial drones, some of whom can actually sense the rightness of natural living but know it is nothing but a strange dream that was always superseded by the nightmare of civilization. If there is a going back to nature in the true sense, it won’t be for this species. Even in its most primitive communes Homo Sapiens retained some shreds and shards of it roots in civilization and when brought into the modern “civilized” world, adapted quite easily to its new ways.
    We have no choice at all, but adapt over and anon to our changing civilization and its nature-destroying technology until we rise above the destruction – beyond anything natural to earth – to survive, or we destroy ourselves.

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    1. Hmmmm yes ShaTara …a very interesting comment …will have to read a few times …but agree with you.
      We can only really do our best in the situation we find ourselves in …meditate …which I’ve lost the plot with at the moment …but just keep going with …maybe find a direction …maybe not …things will be how they’re meant to be:)

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