5 thoughts on “This is NOT funny!

  1. I think it’s hilarious…the people have spoken. Mind you, that’s where the US electoral system gets complicated because Hilary won the popular vote by 160,000 votes or so, trump won the electoral colleges by 276 to 218 by the Clinton conceded.

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    1. I’m as confused as hell Dermott …STILL I don’t know if you’ve ever watched ‘The Last Leg’ but those lads reaction was funny at least …I’ve just posted a link
      Can’t seem to quit the blogging habit D


  2. Hey, look what the cat dragged in: Fijay’s back! As to the picture, I think it’s hilarious. A few weeks back I wrote a post on DT… and the point was that however much some Americans complained about the Donald, the thing to realize is that Donald Trump, unadorned and in your face, IS Captain America. His words, his actions, his “values” are fully representative of American beliefs (or non), hopes and dreams. And so, America voted for its dream to come through. By popular choice, all hail, Great Leader of the Hegemon! Happy dreams, America, you did it! You showed the entire world what you’re really made of. Poetic justice. Priceless. The only thing he overlooked was choosing Kim Kardashian as running mate. She’d have won in a bare-assed landslide!

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    1. :D:D:D …..yes it seems I was dragged in by the damned cat …I feel like a bloody whisker ShaTara …a WHISKER that cannot shut the F up!!!:D:D:D
      I’ll check out the post ShaTara ….you might like to watch a couple of clips if you get chance ….am worried about young Van tho …I feel he speaks the truth but he may be being watched like a hawk

      …and the guys from ‘The Last Leg’ reaction to the presidential election might make you laugh at least


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