‘Lest we forget’

In the UK we wear a poppy on the 11 November and have a minutes silence at 11 am ….the time the guns halted on this date marking the end of WW1 …no’one had won …but an AWFUL lot of loss

Images of the battlefields look like something from the apocalypse ….the mechanisation of ‘war’ …..the first time film had been used to document …..BUT after the guns stopped and ‘people’ all gone ….the whole area filled with Poppies …..nature healing itself AND sending us a reminder of the bloodshed

At the time they said it was ‘The war to end all wars’ !!!???………

So yes I wear a poppy ….it’s not about ‘glorifying war’ ……it’s the exact opposite ……but there’s none of this should we wear white ones to symbolise ‘peace’? …what about black ones? ….should we wear them at all?….well for me …..So yep I wear a poppy and the color IS red

4 thoughts on “‘Lest we forget’

    1. Hmmmm ….yep you’re right Lucy …yep a mix of pride and sadness re the waste of it all ….there are never any winners and folk have to get round the table and come to some kind of compromise in the end

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    1. Yes it is Sudhir ….it’s quite poignant really …nature saying ‘look at the mess you made but nature will ALWAYS heal from mans interferance’ ….and the color red for ALL those lives wasted on the battlefield

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