They’re sending Nigel Farrage of the British UKIP party (you know ‘handbags at dawn’..remember?) Anyway ….they’re sending HIM as the diplomat to meet Donald Trump instead of the PM !!!???……is this true!!?? ….good grief!!!:D:D:D

I know Theresa May our current PM is Tory …but maybe MAYBE she can’t stomach doing it herself ….hmmmmm NO …ANOTHER one who flips from being a sari clad temple visitor one day to congratulating a dangerous Psychopath on his new VERY powerful job and stating she is looking foreward to working with him ….JEEZUS …CRAZY I tell you ….but maybe she’s just as confused as the rest of us and had second thoughts and that’s why they’re sending Nige?…maybe she’s thought …..’I’ve just been chillin in an Indian temple having an epiphany ….I just CAN’T do this!!!’ 

Oh and Americans out there …in fact ANYONE out there …HERE is a very brave man that seems to speak some sense amongst the chaos ( click link https://youtu.be/60YG8RFGWfo   I understand he works for CNN but funded and produced this little series himself ….this is episode 1 ……hmmmm he needs a LOT of support 

And just to cheer up a Friday night here’s a little clip of THESE guys reaction to the current state of  things in ‘The West’:D:D:D ….seriously it’s funny you’ll like it https://youtu.be/pt9pJw3XJE8

There’s always dandilions in cracks in pavements SOMEWHERE …….

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