Where are we now?

Hmmmmmm ……..

Ok ….let’s not forget that the outcome of the ‘Brexit’ vote here in the Uk AND the election of …..of ……I can’t even say it I’m sorry:D:D:D …..

ANYWAY yes the election of the new president of the USA …..in both cases it was by a WHISKER ….but a whisker none the less ….so there’s no point shouting Boooooo now …..ok protest ….at least make it known it’s a whisker ….BUT what’s it all about?

Now …..when I started ‘Blog On!!!’ I think I said ‘The’ world …’My’ world didn’t make sense anymore:D:D:D …..Ok ….Ok ….Hmmmmmm yes well:D:D:D …..and try as I might I don’t seem to be able to keep my fingers to myself and STOP this bloody blog….shut the fuck up ….as I’m not sure if it’s healthy for me and I don’t know why I’m doing it:D:D:D



Yep CONFUSION ….a cynicism ….mistrust ….think of a species that banged it’s head …said ‘Ouch THAT hurt’ ….but rather than change tac just keeps banging and banging it’s head because there doesn’t seem to be a different way of doing things …there IS but it takes GUTS ….it takes GUTS and a will to see beyond the ‘self’ and accept it involves a HUGE shift in thinking ….maybe it’s ‘conciousness’ ….or maybe we work better when we are UNconcious:D:D:D

It’s about ‘communication’ isn’t it?

And I don’t mean our social media profiles going BLAAAAAAAH!!!

There ARE …IS ….some amazing stuff going on out there ….little pockets …..but you’ve got to get beneath the layers of BLAAAAAH!!!

Like it or not …..aware or not …..we are ALL going thro a significant period of change ….the fearmongerers are still holding on tho ….BY A WHISKER!!!!

We don’t seem to know what’s real and not anymore do we?….well yes I can agree things are often a matter of ‘perspective’ …..but did  Trump the chameleon merely expose a ‘truth’…there ARE similarities to Nigel Farrages ‘Brexit’ campaign  ……Maybe Corbyn too although COMPLETELY different motivations ….ALL caught on a wave of hunger for change …

And talking of ‘change’  did you SEE the President of the US’s acceptance speech??? ..the TOTAL  persona change on winning the election was INCREDIBLE!!! …talk about ‘Reality T.V show’ ……a VERY cynical game played ON the people …..and it all seems to have confused EVERYONE ….world leaders congratulating as per ‘etiquette’….are they INSANE???…what would YOU do if someone holding such views became your child’s new  headteacher???
And poor Obama …..he’s had to spend HOURS handing over to a man who ……who…….

Bloody Hell this is CRAZY!!!:D:D:D

I STILL reckon Obama is one of the good guys …..

A cynical game show …..a world that encourages Psychopathy ……led by a Psychopath who’se not even bothering to hide it!!!hmmmmmm it’s a cold and joyless route to go down tho  ……SURELY folk see that


Are we REALLY going to just watch the whisker become the whole damned cat!!!?

4 thoughts on “Where are we now?

  1. Much ado about nothing… perhaps, Fijay? I think you like drama. I used to like drama, I was in the Chilliwack Sr. Sec. School drama club even… Wanted to be a lawyer so I thought learning how to act (make believable false presentations look truthful) would be helpful. Turns out I didn’t need any help but didn’t make it to the big “U” so instead turned to enlightenment on the great “Shining Path of Perpetual Protest.” Didn’t matter what it was, anything could be protested, as you just experienced: two protest votes: Brexit and the Donald (quacks me up!)
    Quote: “A cynical game show …..a world that encourages Psychopathy ……led by a Psychopath who’s not even bothering to hide it!!!” And there, right there: you caught it: he’s not hiding it. That point is being made all over. The other psychopaths were, and are, hiding their real nature, for the most part, or trying. Your Obama the drone bomber, the mass murderer of children in schools and people in hospitals, maker of refugees, destroyer of cities, funder of terrorists… and mouthpiece for international trade treaties that destroy national economies and take away a nation’s rights to defend itself against rampaging resource extracting corporations; front man for Monsatan (OK, Monsanto). Poor Obama indeed. Likely the slickest liar and biggest hypocrite even to hold the US presidency. And how did he get there, and why? We know now that America is male, white and fundamentalist Christian – Trump certainly proves that. Obama fails on a crucial point: he’s not white. There is no way in hell he would ever have won a popular vote. He’d never have been president if the elections (x2) in fact hadn’t been solidly rigged in his favour: it’s just totally un-American! Plus with a name like that with all the anti Muslim terrorist chest thumping going on? Not a chance. Obama was installed to do a particular job, and he did it. He spread the wars in the Middle East, demolished any remnant of government control over Big Pharma and Monsatan’s GMO empire. He failed in the end to force the insane TTP treaty through Congress. Both Obama and Clinton are psychopaths of a much higher mental caliber than stupid. And if stupid is too big a problem, they’ll get rid of him, likely by impeachment. Just let the Federal Bureau of Instigations do it’s normal job… and now, it’s shower time, then dinner, then a dear friend’s visit… all in all a perfect evening lined up. Mr. DT hasn’t taken away my appetite or appreciation for a fine wine… oops, forget that, I wouldn’t know a fine wine if I was drowning in it. You have a glass for me, eh?

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