This lecture is REALLY worth watching …..the post from JoAnn Chateau kindly shared on ShaTara’s blog BurningWoman
EVERYONE should watch it …..’change’ is happening whether we like it or not ….this will help you ‘feel the fear and do it anyway”

Even with the election of Trump ….actually BECAUSE of ….we could be at the cusp of somthing AMAZING ….knowledge is power….

This video is an important lecture from Prof. Richard Wolff on the deterioration of capitalism and the opportunity it creates for Worker Self-Directed Enterprise (WSDE). In it he covers the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election from an economic perspective, global economic news updates, and how the history of capitalism predicts an imminent economic downturn.

Wolff’s lectures are always around 1.5 hours long, and are always utterly absorbing. Here’s hoping you may have the time to listen.

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2 thoughts on “Global Capitalism: Now What? The Real Economic Issues and the New Government [NOVEMBER 2016] | Democracy at Work

    1. Well …it’s interesting this …there was a project just down the road from here called ‘The Real Junk Food Project’ ….basically folks were getting arrested for taking food from supermarket bins ALLOVER the place in the UK …you know food with slightly damaged packaging or had met its ‘sell by’ date …nothing wrong with the ACTUAL food.
      ANYWAY …I’m not sure if it was connected …but someone was arrested for taking food from one of the European supermarkets ..Lidl or Aldi …I can’t remember which ( and they BOTH sell much better quality products …locally sourced where possible and about 1/2 the price of the British and American one’s …but who can afford to shop at those these days ANYWAY?)
      Where was I? …..Oh yes …the company said they didn’t want to press charges
      Like I said …not sure if connected …but this guy set up a cafe in a very ‘deprived’ area of the local city …food was donated by the supermarkets roundabout …the stuff they would usually throw out …you just had to pay what you could afford or nothing in some cases …just over a year ago I attended a kind of networking event re all the grassroots projects going on and ‘The Real Food Project’ had started a cafe here too …ANYWAY …with all our reconfiguring and this and that have been too buzy BUT heard about a month ago that the main cafe had had to close down and were looking for premises ( has to be given voluntary tho ..these guys make no money) Hmmmmm ….must check out actually ..see if they managed to get anywhere ….there felt to be a REAL buzz just over a year ago with various community inniatives …I am being told our ‘transformation’ is part of all that …I AM a little suspicious tho …like the rhetoric has changed but not the action in terms of the service I work for ….it really DOES feel like it could all erupt …and then for the ‘elite’ s as you say …it’s an excuse to increasingly heavy handed measures and problem solved

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