8 thoughts on “Dear Ms. Mary… | Melih’s Thoughts

    1. No I haven’t …but have just seen a clip now …LOVE Bill Murray ….I was referring to needing to take ‘baby steps’ with concepts ….it can take a little time to ‘get’ them so you need to take baby steps or drip feed sometimes ….we’re living a human life just now ….gotta stay with the journey


      1. OK, check, but there’s always the option to ignore my comments when “enough is enough.” “What about Bob?” is pretty silly but quite funny, you might enjoy it if you can find it. Bill Murray did a serious WWI and post-years movie some years back that was pretty awesome. The character survived the war, got into spirituality, went to India, then Tibet, lived as a monk, came back to Paris (He was an American) and, etc. Can’t remember what it was called but that was a great movie with a “tough” ending. I’ll see if I can find the link, and info.

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        1. Ha haaa haven’t said WHAT the ending is …just keep an open mind is all I’ll say …I got it completely wrong …or actually maybe I didn’t …actually yes I did:D:D:D
          And I sense you’re joking re the Bill Murrey movie …I think …don’t know WHAT to believe or think anymore ShaTara:D:D:D


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