Good grief!!!

What more can I say!!!???

Have been in a funny old mood this past week …..’Oh here we go’ …..well yes I have ….haven’t MANY folk one way or another?

ANYWAY ….hardly slept last night which is unusual for me ….taxied Sam today and went for a brisk ….ok ….a stroppy walk in the rain:D:D:D 

…..and have just got in following picking Sam up and a trip to the cinema ….we don’t go often …it’s a bit pricey isn’t it? …..and I’m not sure the movie was a particular good choice as I have bawled …YES BAWLED …all the way home!!!  Well actually I WAS a LITTLE discreet …didn’t bawl tooooo loudly ….I was trying to stop it and pull myself together …well I had Sam in the car didn’t I ?  I must say I was a little taken aback too ….the kids are used to me bawling at the cinema and school productions …oh and nativity plays …ANY nativity play …I don’t even have to know anyone in it …if ever I was going to watch a school production they would say  ‘Mum make sure you’ve got your tissues’:D:D:D

But THIS movie ….I wasn’t even expecting to need any!!!

And rather than the usual laughing from Sam he just looked at me and said…

‘You ok Mum?’

‘Oh …yes it’s just me being daft crying about a movie  ‘ said I 

‘It’s not daft ….it’s ok to be sad’ said he …which made me worse as he would usually laugh and tease me about it and make ME laugh

So we started talking about the movie ….and I don’t want to spoil it if anyone reads this and gets to see it …but there was a part of it that I thought meant one thing but he said 

‘No Mum that was ‘space time’ where you go back and forth’ …and it set me off AGAIN!!!

For me the movie was MOSTLY about the use of language ….communication ….trying to understand the point of view of the ‘other’ amongst many other things, it’s multilayered ….and yes ….yes ….I know ….perhaps VERY pertinant just now …’s not big on special effects and ZAP POW!!! ….in fact it’s quite the opposite which makes it quite realistic …paired down to the ‘human’ level …which I felt just added to it and made it beautiful ….the only thing I WASN’T too keen on was that in typical Hollywood style the 2 lead characters were white American ( Forrest Whitaker has a semi lead role) which was a little difficult to swallow given the current situation ….the 2 actors played very ‘unhollywood’ characters tho ……but ANYWAY other than that I think it will go down as one of my favorite movies …and all it was, was a fairly ad hoc trip to the cinema with Sam …..BLIMEY it’s been a funny old week!!! …….Oh yes nearly forgot to say what the film is called ….’Arrival’ ….

……if you go to see it you might need your tissues ….unless it’s just me:)

4 thoughts on “Good grief!!!

    1. Yes ….I guess these two are still pretty attractive but playing geeky type characters ….you’d probably like this movie Tony …Sam suggested it …it’s not your usual all singing all dancing blockbustery type movie tho but Sam enjoyed it ..a fellow SciFi geek:D:D:D


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