The ultimate ‘Game Players’

Can Trump and Putin REALLY be all about world peace now??? …….I think recent events have pretty much established that folks are hungry for ‘change’ …..but can they REALLY shift beyond the ‘self’ 

We’re at a CRUCIAL moment here …..beware the whisker …..which way is the cat going to grow???  

These 2 have PROVED themselves to be EXCELLENT ‘game players’ ….Putin has pretty much ensured that there is a media monopoly within the walls of Russia ( no different to the bulk of mainstream media in the West I hear you cry) Well YES and that’s been part of the problem too …..speaking for myself I can honestly say a couple of years ago I had given up on mainstream media …felt I must be on a different planet ….my day to day experiences just weren’t being reflected …..this is why net neutrality GLOBALLY is so important ….

Hmmmmm we have to watch these guys VERY carefully ….I STILL believe the vast majority of folk across the world just want to get on with their lives in peace …have ‘enough’ to lead lives of quality ….and this doesn’t mean quantity ….there’s tooooo much ‘quantity’ ….I don’t know about you …but a sustaining and sustainable life is all I’m after ….we’re not the only species on the planet ….

Hmmmmm BUT ….Putin is a grand manipulator also ….a chameleon that has ensured he has remained in power for … long? …..he seems to have been around a VERY long time

If the Psychopaths are now SO convinced they can just be blatant ….beware ….Psychopaths just enjoy  ‘The Game’ and getting away with whatever at the expense of whoever ….

We ALL want an end to ‘war’ don’t we?

It’s going to take GUTS …..from us ALL ……and yes ……in actual fact it might be easier for us who have nothing much to ride the storm …..but the wealthy Oligarchs,Capitalists, Royals and yes even the smug and comfortable liberal left are going to have to step down a little re their lifestyles …..are they all REALLY prepared to do that?

There IS ‘enough’ for all ….we could enjoy a period of great wonder …open communication across the globe …..enabling nature to heal itself also ….restore the scarred parts of this planet 

We don’t have to be all the same ….it’s more dynamic and interesting when we are NOT ….and YES we can have disagreements ….BUT rhetoric of division and stirring up ‘hate’ is NOT TO BE TOLERATED….SEE IT FOR WHAT IT IS …the argument that it was the only ploy Trump had against a more sophisticated political machine just doesn’t sit comfortably …sorry but I am reluctant to whoop with joy at folk who can suddenly switch persona in as extreme a way as that …’s as tho Trumps switch to Mr ‘nice guy’ is a deliberate undermining causing confusion so folk don’t know how to respond ….

Don’t let it cause confusion ….a classic trick of Psychopathy which in a relationship ultimately leads to the other person being so confused THEY feel insane ….

Hmmmm …..I didn’t want Brexit as felt it was going against the grain of the ‘Biggest Peace Project in History’ following WW2 ….yep not perfect but it HAS maintained peace in the area and thought/hoped that would be extended ….However, exiting the EU means there is the potential to forge better relationships with what were once called ‘Commonwealth’ countries  and others….Hmmmm common wealth ….the clue is in the title 

Yes people are crying out for change …but they are wanting honest, open communication ( and if ‘honest’ means racist, sexist, classist , religionist (and yes I think I’ve just added a couple of ists but you get the point) it needs SERIOUSLY challenging ….dialogue, dialogue …it’s the only thing that ends and prevents wars …and I’m worried there has been (is being) a DELIBERATE attempt to cause so much fear and mistrust we will start fighting amongst ourselves and thus give an excuse for ever increasing violations of our civil liberties and TOTAL disrespect …and from there it’s a fine line to demonising and dehumanising and we ALL know where THAT leads!!!

Actually it’s already started but we thought he was such a joke NO’ONE would take him seriously ..just like the idiots of the ‘Brexit’ campaign

THERE …I’ve said it!!!

This is SERIOUS shit!!!

Just thought ….doesn’t Trump OWN parts of Scotland??? …SHIT!!!

RIGHT …first excersise in GUTS …evict him due to antisocial behaviour!!!

4 thoughts on “The ultimate ‘Game Players’

  1. Hey Fijay! I see you didn’t drink too much of that wine; still up and running as usual. Quote: “We ALL want an end to ‘war’ don’t we?” Are you sure about that? If you look at sports and entertainment, what do you see? People who love peace and quiet, a nice stroll in a quiet park or neighbourhood, peaceful and gentle; kind and safe… yeah indeed. At sports events the fans scream for blood. In entertainment, how many movies feature on the cover of their DVD some gal/guy with a very big gun pointing at another person? Fiery, violent, deadly exploding mayhem? If “people” weren’t naturally attracted to such things the sports and movies wouldn’t exist: they couldn’t, there’d be no reason for them to be made.
    I don’t do political correctness because I know it’s all fakery. I do realism. What’s “in your face” is what it is, not something else. Here, look at boom box cars. I don’t know about England but here they’re illegal as hell yet perfectly acceptable. Apart from the shit noise, what does it say about the driver of the car? A psychopath, pure and simple. It enjoys disrupting other peoples’ lives and its noise is of no value to the creep. It could have a normal volume sound system inside the vehicle for its own enjoyment, but that’s not what turns the dead beat on, it’s how much it can disrupt others’ peace and quiet. And law enforcement encourages this behaviour, won’t lift a finger to end it although it has the means and the technology to do so, and it’s totally illegal-to repeat.
    These dead beats are as common as field mice and growing in numbers. They even have boom boxes strapped to bicycles now, so they can do their noise in parks and lanes closed to motorized traffic. I’m using this example to point out that society is sociopathic, not just some but the vast majority. Those who truly want a better world are a tiny minority. Hence the endless wars because one follows the other. Train you kids into the violent competition of organized sports or to completely disregard others’ feelings and you have yourself crazies who are willing to go and kill on command. History, and you’re about to see more of it.
    Psychopaths aren’t the problem, the whole species is the problem because all of it is infected by psychopathy to some degree. Those who have the most of it become the leaders, rulers, generals, CEO’s and leaders of popular religions. The rest just enjoy the anti-life, consumerist, polluting lifestyles handed down by their leaders. Whatever anyone may think of my observations won’t change what I observe.
    There’s an old 16th Century proverb that says, “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” Earthians, in general, are the sow’s ear the rose coloured glasses politically correct people are trying to demonstrate can be turned into silk purses, or are silk purses in the rough – say that again? The problem of earth is man. Man has a corrupt nature that simply cannot comprehend how it’s connected to the web of life and seeks to denigrate its value and to destroy it. Don’t look for logic here, there is none. The creature isn’t wired that way.
    To this reality are exceptions, and it’s always the exceptions who have such a hard time realizing that they are exceptions, not the rule. Exceptions who truly hate war cannot accept that most Earthians absolutely love the concept of war because it’s a mental challenge and an emotional turn on, linked to their sexual drive. The Earthian creature is a very bad predator that is about to destroy not only its prey, but itself since it is symbiotically linked to its prey, and its prey is anything and everything it can kill to satisfy its lust for blood. It’s an innate “idée fixe” in the brain. That is what “we” have in common. True or false?


    1. False
      RIGHT ShaTara …I’m buggaring off to live on an even SMALLER Island with the now almost extinct Pygmy Sloths ( Planet Earth 2 episode 1)
      I might as bloody well the way YOU go on ….and this is EXACTLY why I don’t know if blogging is healthy for me or not!!!
      Hmmmmm in actual fact the Pygmy Sloth island looked very beautiful indeed …THEY’RE an endangered species also but seem OK


  2. I was worried about the Brexit result when I heard about it too, in part for the very reason you mentioned. The EU has created a Europe in which it is almost impossible to imagine, say, France and Germany going to war with each other over something. Given European history up to this point, I don’t think this success has been given nearly enough credit.

    As for living more sustainable lives, at some point we’re going to have to do that if our civilization is to survive at all. For one thing, we’re still largely dependent on sources of energy that are going to run out within decades rather than centuries. If we don’t do something about this fact, we’re clearly going to run into trouble.

    One of the (very many) things I find so worrying about the Donald Trump victory is he doesn’t seem to believe in scientific facts that are politically inconvenient for him. I don’t see anything being done about climate change, population growth, sustainable energy and so on.

    I hope I’m wrong, of course, but so far I don’t see any very good grounds for optimism.

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