What a great revolution what a great thinking by Mr Narendra Modi our beloved Prime Minister, Modiji made the decision to scrap Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes casting it as a fight against corruption. A…

Source: # I AM WITH MODI

5 thoughts on “# I AM WITH MODI

    1. Yep …it must be those tuning into Om vibes …we’ve all to turn the dial and pick up the frequency
      And how do I keep up with what’s happening globally?
      The Bloggosphere arv ….just folk saying what’s going on where they live mostly ….follow a few news sites …it’s like a ‘thought’ universe circling the globe:D:D:D

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        1. I follow a site called Quartz on WordPress that’s quite a good one …snippets of news from ALLOVER the world ….there’s Quartz Africa now too ……and also re Modi …a young lad I got chatting to on a long coach journey back in spring was talking about him so I’ve been taking a bit of an interest

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