The Power of Yoga!

NOW ….am sick today …well ….have actually taken time off in lieu …don’t worry we never get it all back ….yep …for the past I don’t know how long ….maybe 18 months 2 years I’ve been lurching from anger to despair with spaces in between when I’ve just kept my head down and ‘got on with it’ ……meditation practice enabled me to ride some what I thought then were UNBELIVABLE storms in my personal life in a calm, measured way ….thought I’d cracked it …got it all sussed …although I’ve always liked to get out in the fresh air it wasn’t a NEED to march off in a stroppy mood like it seems to be these days….well not as often

And this weekend it’s almost felt like full blown ‘breakdown’….I feel like a wrung out rag today ….marched and cried out!!!

So here I am satisfying the ‘Blogaddiction’ that I seem to be struggling to kick …. from what I’m reading there’s an awful lot of fear and confusion at the moment both here in the UK and the US for those of us that like to be part of a vibrant multicultural society and thought we were moving towards better global connections ….we are part of a multicultural world for GODS sake!!!

So …the campaigns of Brexit and Donald Trump have been very unsettling INDEED!!! ….but I think no one thought they would be taken seriously they were so blatantly nasty and divisive ….BUT they were ….by a very small majority …almost a 50/50 split …..and I’m sorry but this idea that Trump needing to resort to being dangerously inflammatory re bigotry to take on the political machine is bollocks …IT IS THE MAN!!!

DO NOT BUY THIS MR NICE GUY he seems to have suddenly turned into ….and it seems the Brexit and Trump campaigns were one and the same thing ….supporting each other …Farrage was out partying with Trump just yesterday I understand ….hmmmmmm ……well here in the UK we’ll just have to see what happens next ….I HOPE that the UK politicians and businesses have the GUTS to stand up to Donald Trump and set a prescient by having nothing to do with him ….and I hope the people learn to see how they have been hoodwinked ….. CAPITALISM HASN’T WORKED!!! …’s in meltdown ALLOVER the globe …it’s a soulless existence ANYWAY ….just a game of monopoly for a few Psychopaths at the top who don’t REALLY give a shit 

OK ….so now what? …follow Mr Modi’s example in India I would say ….Tune into Om and see what happens …if you can …I’m too damned restless at the moment

Oh ….and every morning my cyber partner Eric gives me a little gift …a little ‘Yoga Quote’ to send me on my way ….here is today’s 

Yoga …India’s GREATEST export ….

Thankyou India 

13 thoughts on “The Power of Yoga!

  1. Let’s hope that as you practice with spiritual disciplines your sense of lostness will gradually evaporate. You know how, when you’re on the ocean, or watching it from shore and the waves are coming in, sooner or later one is much higher and more threatening than the others? From a small craft, like a kayak, that can be pretty intimidating. But if you’re pro at your game, you can line yourself up in such a way that the wave passes you by (or you pass through it!) and leaves you a bit wet but in an emotional high: “YES!” Well, you have to be there, I guess. Of course you don’t want those monster waves to keep coming, you can’t keep up to the struggle, but one here, one there, it’s fine AS LONG AS YOU KNOW THEY EXIST; YOU KNOW THEY’RE OUT THERE; YOU KNOW YOU ARE BOUND TO ENCOUNTER THEM; YOU ARE PREPARED TO DEAL WITH THE ODD ONE. For “soft” Westerners, Brexit and Trump are such a wave, nothing more. For some people, having their world blown up by sociopathic warmongers is a series of such waves. We need to keep our eye on the ball with a rational perspective. So these two events – Brexit and Trump – are a stick in the spokes, but the bicycle didn’t crash, it just stopped. So now people can think, assess what they’ve done and if they want, they can pull the stick out of the spokes, straighten the wheel, and keep riding until a new wheel can be purchased and installed.

    Why is it, by the way, that Canadians who should be just freaking over Trump, are just carrying on as if nothing much happened? Could it be because we’ve seen these childish US political plays by drama queens many times before and we’ve weathered them in our own way, by basically ignoring them? Even if we felt threatened by Trumpism, what could we do about it? The US could militarily overwhelm Canada in a day and have an hour or two left over to stop at a pub for a couple of beers before turning back to their barracks for the night. Should Canada panic and run over to Russia for help just in case Trumpists invade? Wouldn’t that just make things worse? And, is there a guarantee we’d be better off UNDER (and make no mistake, we’ll always be UNDER) Russian kleptocracy than American? Even if Trumpism spells the end of the US as a world power (and it can’t because that’s already happened, only they don’t know it yet) it doesn’t mean the end of the world. As for Brexit, that’s even sillier. The EU is basically a legal boondoggle designed by the neocons to systematically take away individual nations’ rights to self determination so that multinational, or global, corporations can rule the world with legal impunity; without ever having to give account for their depredations. England, for once and barely, did the smart and right thing. This game of nations versus corporations has many faces. Most people only see one. It’s patriotism, or counter-partriotism or believism. It’s faith, just like religion. No one really cares to see the really big picture as that would spoil the drama and when you’ve paid that much just to attend, you don’t want it spoiled.
    Oh, and I like yoga too, particularly with strawberries – just love it with strawberries. Take care o’ you kiddo. You’ll be just fine.

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      1. According to my faithful movie watching and watchdog sources, “Arrival” has just arrived in Canadian theaters. And, since I don’t do theaters, that being utterly decadent with their pricing here, I shall wait for the DVD and if the movie is good, I shall purchase said DVD, and ponder the story. Now, if there’s a book behind the movie, I’d rather get that, but I haven’t heard. Must investigate. I did that with “The Hunger Games.”

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        1. Yes there is a book apparantly …it’s a short story tho …I’ve not been able to shut the F up about this damned movie and someone said it’s based on a short story …can’t remember what it’s called tho now ….hmmmm think I’ll have a quick look now actually


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