Dot joining ….

Hang on a minute …….

Trump and Farrage were ‘in it together’ all along …..Trump has buddied up with Putin …..Trump OWNS parts of Scotland for sure …and possibly elsewhere ….the Russian Oligarcs own much of central London and possibly elsewhere 


……..and where do the Sheiks fit in? they own a lot of London too

Dare I say …..Royalty?

Hmmmmmm but the British Royal Family isn’t what it was is it … it?

The old aristocracy are having to protect their assets in all kinds of ways these days ….there’s some RIGHT eccentric characters among them I shouldn’t wonder ….Hmmmmm :D:D:D ….I do LOVE eccentric characters tho ….SERIOUSLY …anyone who is OK with me I am OK with them as long as they’re not the sort of person to walk allover everyone else

….and much of the Tory party is made up of old Etonians or WAS I’ve lost track a bit at the mo ….it was all a bit ‘Old Boy Network’ certainly in Cameron’s time

Ha haaaaa ….says the detective …SO it therefore can be deduced that professor plumb whacked Mr whoever it was the butler in the parlour with the candlestick :D:D:D

I tell you am cracking up ….need to get back to work tomorrow for sure AND  get my ass out to SOCIALISE:D:D:D

6 thoughts on “Dot joining ….

    1. :D:D:D:D ….time will tell …we now have this gawd damned whisker ….but what kind of cat are we going to end up with I wonder ….’change’ the only constant …hmmmm isn’t that a quote?
      And yes ShaTara …some wonderful comments last night Thankyou:):):)


    1. Yes …he just ran off didn’t he?
      Think I’ll seek him out and declare ….
      ‘YOU sir …are nothing but a vagabond and ruffian …now choose your handbag and I’ll see you at Dawn’:D:D:D

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